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what a shit show, eh? big thanks to gokunming and all of you for making this site a reliable place to get reasonable information. you've done a great job.

for now, both salvador's coffee house and mosaic bistro are still open. we have also put our meituan shop back up online for those of you at home wondering if you should go outside or not.

Attractions that are closed:

Yunnan Provincial Museum
Yunnan Army Martial Arts Hall History Museum
Yunnan Art Museum
Yunnan Liberation Memorial Hall
Kunming Museum
Kunming Golden Palace Festival Activities
Kunming Daguan Park New Year Activities
Kunming World Expo Park
Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Kunming Jiuxiang
Museum of Lovelorn Affairs
Good Luck Institute
Koi Temple National Style Photography Studio
Super Love Factory
Wangchai Smile Museum
Ace Mouse Amusement Park

(apologies about the poor translation)

Clicking on individual province tab reveals cities infected. Apparently both incidents in Yunnan are in Kunming City.

Police ought put their citywide cameras to good use to track their whereabouts history in Kunming prior to quarantine, if they left airport at all.

Thank you for working overtime!

For second link, are these officially confirmed numbers by the government? Reported death tolls and transmission figures are higher than those of "live updated" ones on western news sites.