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Those with kids can celebrate the festive day by bringing the whole family to New Southwest Mall for free DIY zongzi lessons.

The mall has set up tables and seats with staff ready to supervise participants on basic zongzi folding techniques. Bamboo leaves, rice, read and green beans, jujube, nuts, etc. are provided. Disposable plastic gloves also provided for cleanliness. Each person are allowed to make four zongzis, and a nifty, pyramid gift box to carry home your edible handicrafts afterwards. All complimentary.

Just add their WeChat mini program (search "昆百大新西南广场") for more details. 25 for 50CNY dining vouchers can also be purchased and used this week at their newly opened DQ and MeetFresh on the same ground floor.

To be clear, construction on this site started in 1921, and this is not the consulate where Litton lived, or indeed died. His death was in January 1906, and wasn't at the previous consulate either, but while he was away on a routine inspection trip.

Rest in peace Mike, from Luke in London.
The good die young.

So sorry to hear this happened.
Peace man. Mad props for your mc-ing and production dude.
Checked out your tracks on soundcloud.
Peace to Aaron Bono as well.
So sorry to hear this happened man.
Rest in peace.

In a related story in this Southwest area of Yunnan, a recent fire in Lincang City's Mengjiao Nationality Township destroyed 101 straw hut cottages within this protected Wending village. Only four huts remain unscathed by the raging fire. Fortunately no fatalities were reported. Reason for fire unclear.

According to the Chinese National Geography magazine, this village of the Wa ethnic minority are the "last tribal village in China."

Video of the fire:[...]

WayoftheSun. False info? I am just raising some points how the present situation has come to this. Don't blame me but the unscrupulous breeders and owners that keep dogs for the wrong reasons and on top of that don't know how to deal with them.

I have no problem understanding that your shepherd is a proper dog and you know how to deal with but the situation I see around me here is China is different. Lots of gangster breeders and owners that don't know even the basics.

A muzzle is not the solution. Just two recent cases in England and New Zealand where kids were mauled by their family dogs in their own homes.

I am with lemon on this. There are good owners but in a culture where a dog is not mans best friend, there are more bad ones. There are also problem breeds and the good dogs get lumped in with the bad. As for the muzzle law, well laws don't mean much here.

Lemon that's a bunch of false info, i've had dogs people called aggressive my whole life and they're sweet dogs. most people wanna raise dogs well but don't know how. community education programs would be awesome, or having people apply for permits to own these dogs instead of banning. i don't get why the muzzle law wasn't enough, no dog can bite w a muzzle on. china has a right to do as it wishes it just sucks for people like me with a german shepherd service dog, now i have to either live way outside the city or a small town somewhere if i wanna move back. i can't live without my dog.