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@vicar: "I know how to keep toilets clean"

In most public toilets in city (and beyond) that I have seen, they have a cleaning person stationed on the premises. I don't know know if they even go home for nights.

In many countries that alone would be considered a huge investment, but obviously not in China.

I'm sure this will attratct many new tourists (LOL). Meanwhile, the majority of Chinese toilets stink so much I can hardly breathe in them. I know how to keep toilets clean but it would be deemed to expensive by the authorities. Sad really, but I'll do what anyone else does if they are dying for a piss and there are no clean toilets...piss/spit in the street so I don't get sick. It's not as though I'll look out of place. To the KM government: You'll only get out as much as you put in.