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Tea Art/Ceremony Workshop


Make your time count and join us for the amazing class of Chinese Tea Art workshop, the best gift from China.

This workshop is the essence of 48 lessons, lasts 2 -3 hours, targets on Yunnan teas, will introduce other Chinese teas as well. and divided into three parts:
1. Six basic types of teas(green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, dark tea and yellow tea), including its features, processings and brewing skills
2. Pu-erh Tea, including origins, terroir, processing, evaluation&tasting, brewing skills
3. Practice of tea ceremony.

This workshop is in English, suitable for both foreign and Chinese tea lovers.

A graduate diploma awards you scholarly ability, and vocational training enables your practical skills, however, Chinese tea art is beyond both. It will please your whole life and give a bonus to your future career. A cup of Chinese tea is a cup of humanity, is a cup of Chinese culture about history, geography, wisdom, philosophy, etiquette, human relationships, life aesthetics, folk customs and health care.

The workshop is available each afternoon at weekends if you love tea and Chinese culture, if you happen to visit Kunming, please join us.

Join us and enjoy Kungfu tea time, preserve it in advance

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