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I will be in China in october and november of this year and am starting to plan the trip. I will be travelling with my boyfriend and we both love hiking and the outdoors. We are looking for some more intense multi day hikes. From my initial research, the trek from Kangding to Gongga monastery looks great but have not been able to find info on whether it's a good idea to do it guided, where to find such a guide, etc. Unfortunately we don't speak any mandarin. We are also interested in doing the longer kora around Yading but can only find info on the 1-2 day hike. I guess this is also better to do guided, any info on where to find a guide for this? Also, this will be coming to end october / start november, will it already be too snowy?

Would be happy to get recommendations. we were also planning on doing some day hikes from shangri la and self trekking around yubeng which seems easy enough.

Thanks so much in advance!

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