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Live music 8:00pm 187 yuan

Yang Liping's Dynamic Yunnan


A mesmerizing fusion of tradition and modernity, 'Dynamic Yunnan' has been captivating audiences since its premiere in 2003. This unique performance, which has graced the stage over 7000 times, masterfully integrates the essence of indigenous folk music and dance into a theatrical masterpiece. It's more than just a show - it's a vibrant celebration of Yunnan's rich ethnic culture and a testament to the transformative power of folk dance.

After a brief hiatus last year, 'Dynamic Yunnan' is set to return to the Yunnan Art Theatre from July 25th, with performances scheduled every night. In an exciting twist, about 70% of the cast members from the first and second batches of the show are making a triumphant return to the stage.

'Dynamic Yunnan' has not only become a symbol of Yunnan for countless audiences but has also been widely recognized as a 'business card of China'. Its innovative approach to showcasing Chinese stage art has paved the way for a new operational model in the dance industry, making it a shared brand in China's dance world.

As it steps back into the limelight, 'Dynamic Yunnan' continues to serve as a living 'museum' of ethnic dance, offering audiences an immersive journey into the heart of Yunnan's cultural heritage. Don't miss the opportunity to witness this spectacular dance extravaganza as it unfolds once again on the stage.

Show time: 8pm everyday

Price: ¥99/ ¥187/ ¥255/ ¥340/ ¥442

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Yunnan Art Theater • 132 Dongfeng Xi Lu