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Credit to Joe P for teaching me the ways of the GIMP. Les Yeux Sans Visage is all him and he also cropped the The Skin for me, although the idea was mine. I'm now addicted to GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) and for those who are in quarantine, off work, bored, or simply just want to troll your friends, i highly recommend downloading this program. To those still in The Shining hotel... hang in there... in the chair

"No one has figured out where the drunken elephant photos came from, but a Chinese news report debunked the viral posts: While elephants did recently come through a village in Yunnan Province, China, their presence isn't out of the norm, they aren't the elephants in the viral photos, and they didn't get drunk and pass out in a tea field."[...]

It's exceedingly rare that burning incense would spark any kind of fire - however the habit of burning paper money aka ghost money (and related accessories for the deceased, ghost clothes, ghost houses, ghost cars, ghost mobile phones etc ad infinitum) - now THAT has an exceedingly high probability of starting fires. And then there's the fireworks...

For those who don't already know, as of yesterday restaurants in Kunming are opening up. Salvador's Coffee House and Mosaic Bistro are both currently open from 10 am to 9 pm. As staff return to Kunming, we might soon be able to get back to full operating hours. There are some rules that we must currently follow including...

1. must scan in QR code
2. must scan temperature
3. must wear mask when not eating or drinking
4. must limit seating at tables and tables must be at least 1 meter apart

Hopefully the slow recovery towards normalcy will be seen again next month in the rest of the world.

Awesome to see Yunnan being represented in the global music scene. Manhu is definitely a band worth checking out! I also love some of the bluegrass influences that come in on a few of the tracks! 加油