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I think the Chinese character here means 'swipe' as in 刷卡(swipe card) though also means 'to brush'. I could be wrong. Anyway, you are absolutely right about people's obsession with Wechat and the need to be on their cellphone 24/7. Horrible times we're living in.

Is there by any chance a Wechat ban in China during work? If so, then it should be enforced, and to the maximum, "brushing wechat" must cause numerous accidents.

Me, I recently flew one domestic airline - lets drop mentioning it but you may guess which one - and the aircrew staff was sitting in the back area of the plane during takeoff (and turbulence), with their mobiles 刷微信, as it is said ("brush wechat"), so that they forgot the f-kin food in the owen and smoke and burn came out. That was scary enough, but even more scary the thought if the homogenous hordes on the plane woukd have started to panic and run allover. You see the cops and guards sitting with their mobiles "brushing Wechat" on duty, you see staff everywhere doing it, you have cabdrivers doing it while driving, I mean, after witnessing all this stuff - and its endless - it felt very uncomfortable to take the 400km/h high speed train from Shanghai, there was constantly the thought the driver in charge of the train may be "brushing wechat" and forget to pull the breaks in time!

via Google:

"Gray wolf weight varies geographically; on average, European wolves may weigh 38.5 kg (85 lb), North American wolves 36 kg (79 lb) and Indian and Arabian wolves 25 kg (55 lb). Females in any given wolf population typically weigh 5–10 lb (2.3–4.5 kg) less than males."

Okay, so these prehistoric otters are more massive... especially compared to the wolves (Canidae lineage) of the Miocene era:


Different epochs I presume. T-rex dinosaurs roamed the earth 60 million years before these giant otters.

"Bigger and more powerful than wolves?" WTF?! Look at that ferocious set of cutlery. So much for cuteness.

Just saw a Youtube video of a pack of tiny, adorable otters trying to take down a zoo keeper. Vestigial predatory instincts on full display.

Maybe that was too rude said. Wasnt meant as attack on the dj guy, just this hype about dj's coming to china. And the possible reason this is hyped. Not that it would matter much. You can delete this monologue if it crossed a line, sry.