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Baby steps. It's a long game as Patrick mentioned. First overcome the Myanmar hurdle.

Eventually, China will win over Myanmar's Union Parliament, backing Myanmar military against any U.S. imposed sanctions for alleged human rights abuses of Rohingya Muslims.

His excellency Win Myint will hedge their position against the U.N. by succumbing to the Belt and Road cooperation.

Given the rock throwing spat over the Chinese and Indian border, I'm glad this BCIM project supersedes all lingering land disputes.

Both countries have their eyes on of the bigger prize: Xi's Khan-like Belt and Road Initiative, and India's golden opportunity to link up from Myanmar's Mandalay all the way down to Singapore, a sought after destination for Indian migrant working class. Politics connecting new roads.

Granted Malaysian's newly elected prime minister Mahathir Mohamad may create potential roadblocks for the Malaysia-Singapore railway section. Perhaps all the massive Chinese residential projects in Johor Baru are rubbing the locals the wrong way.

Apart from tasting good, some of these fungi endow pharmaceutical values in their chemical makeup, producing life-prolonging chemotherapy drugs and antibiotics, They are truly magical mushrooms. An estimated 362 new species were identified in China just last year. Probably most in Yunnan.

Mushrooms aren't plants, a fact new to most of us. They are now part of a third kingdom, Fungi, which also includes microorganisms such as yeasts and some molds. This kingdom is genetically closer to animals than to plants. Fungi do not employ photosynthesis; for food they basically dissolve things in order to transport them inside. Terrifically important to ecosystems, which would otherwise be piles of litter. Could all of this have something to do with why they taste so good?

Piggyback off this topic, Kenyan long-distance runner Eliud Kipchoge just broke the world record by over a minute (plus 20 seconds) in the Berlin Marathon. An amazing feat of two hours one minute and 39 seconds. Records are made to be broken, but I have a feeling this one will remain for some time.

@Montaigne: The 2pm opening time in end of the advertisement refers to opening time of the original Shanghai location. This ad does not mention opening time of the Kunming location at all, but clicking to the official event calendar entry, it seems to be at 11am.

French concession was a 'bygone days' notion ~ the communists abolished all land leases with concessionairs from the Western sometime after May 1949 when they captured the metropolitan

Our listings page has been updated with current services offered and hours of operation for different clinic services. You can find it here:[...]

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8:30-11am: Consultancy services, immunizations and health checks

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