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sceince isnt always the final truth, but never say never. there is a difference between theory of x and law of x. an apple will always fall from a tree, water always runs downhill,, fact, newtons law. dont become a scienctific proof appologist.

@dolphin: No ambassador, no stock in SARs vaccine. How do you choose which scientists to believe/disbelieve? Yea, science is never final truth, but it's usually the best approximation we've got, unless we have reason to doubt particular research or reports. So tell us why you doubt this one.

why are you acting like an ambassador to these scientists? you own stocks in sars vaccines?

there are many examples of fake science with hidden agendas. that's good enough reason for me to mistrust them.

although my approach is flawed because it can lead to excessive mistrust when it is not warranted, surely you can understand that your approach "unless you are a scientist" is equally flawed as conning someone with that mindset is as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

"Kunming was more recently thought to be in the hunt for a new Chinese Super League franchise. Rumors were rampant that European coaching legend Sven-Göran Eriksson was considered a front-runner to run the team, but nothing ever came from such efforts."

Sven is past it! He's done nothing in his time in China at GZ Fuli, SIPG or Shenzhen.

I can smell that from just looking at the image. It's enough to put me off eating meat in what's left of my time in China. Once again, it raises doubts about food safety. Of course, there are always prime Australian steaks waiting in the freezer at Metro.

From the article - lining narrow roads with trees - practical? I don't think it limits pedestrian traffic much. Less space for cars? Yes.
The problem is that of building/expanding cities for private cars rather than for people.

Have it your way. There were no disposable nappies when I was a kid - and precious few washing machines - but nobody died. If you bought food it was wrapped in brown paper and carried home in a shopping bag. But go ahead and destroy the planet for the sake of convenience.