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Why not call places by the names that people want to call them by, whatever that is, rather than some name assigned by some nationalist-political-historical dudes in power? Would be easy to do a survey. Whose city is it, anyway?
Sauron & Co. are way too weird - now we build a world based on movies? I think Tolkien himself could have seen through that.

@Quester - have you seen the drawings/designs? The eye of Sauron. I didn't know someone had actually thought it was a good idea to name it Eye of Spring. Is this true? I can't believe it and I hope it's just a joke. Humanity is doomed if this is the future.

Well, Vicar, I meant overseas Asians. I even wrote "overseas Asians" - not overseas Chinese. You, mixed it up., People from Asian countries opening businesses in Yunnan, or involved in businesses.. Or being involved in "distribution of pornography" gambling etc.. It sounds its not really targeted on average Westerner community.

But Im not sure. Could they be targeting big businessmen too, from West?

Could this also be in relation to the construction etc, scams we have heard of so much here. Recall, all those who have bought cigs to the smokers. Then, why dont they mention it.

Maybe Hangzhou girl takes 50-100 Yuan/h for employer being "sweet" online. You can probably fake a Vietnamese sweetheart doing that for a fiver. Of course they have smelled that money by now, The vietnamese ladies have probably have learned to say "大哥,大哥,,,我爱你" in Shanghai dialect too.

Always been curious if this takes place in Yunnan. With all the weird stuff going on, But its maybe a recent phenomenon? Bribes and oiling connections have always existed, but it appears it has evolved to more maffia style.

Just suspect they have targeted overseas Asians first?

Hi @kc430 I always have a few reusable bottles with me that fit in the bottle holders on my frame or I stick them under the bungee traps at the back. I try not to buy bottled water for the plastic waste but fill up whenever I can at restaurants etc. Next to that I have a UV water purifier so I can drink water from streams if need be, but this is hardly an issue in China since there are villages and towns everywhere where you can fill up.