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For the life of me I'm having trouble reading the above map.

I thought Line 3 & Line 1 are perpendicular from one another, not parallel.

Chinese maps often get the English compass rose cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) mixed up, confusing the hell out of navigators.

I was going to mention that. Also If there were (even) more dams and associated buffer lakes along the river, then those (unless already full of course) could dampen the impact of this kind of natural disasters further along the stream. But that would be man vs. nature of course, at cost of nature.

Dams are Not the all-good source of energy generation.
Was a lake backed up by a landslide, okay, but did some idiot go about draining it the wrong way? If so it will be interesting if said idiot is reassigned to other work where he won't be threatening lives and property.
Did it make sense to build the dam there in the first place? If not, who thought it did?
Meanwhile the people in the area... well...

Many years ago in Beijing on a very cold and windy winter day, I had to go to 中关村 (zhongguancun) to buy some camera stuff to take on Spring Festival. Walking out of the campus I ran into a student who was going there as well so I invited him to join me in the taxi ride. For some reason we could not get closer than 3-4 blocks to destination and were left with a walk facing North into the biting wind. No problem as my student turned guide and led me into a building and down stairs deep underground. We walked through huge underground rooms with high ceilings. I was amazed so the student took me down another level as we walked North,

My guess, after checking a map, was the we walked about 700 meters and the voids were about 80-100 meters wide. My guide told me this was a bomb shelter.

A few years later, these spaces were, in true Chinese style, were bustling with businesses. All partitions and fixtures were movable and temporary so it wouldn't take but minutes to restore most of the empty space. In some areas, escalators descended and rose and it seemed as if the buildings above expanded downward. In other areas, the huge void spaces remained empty.

Clearly a plan was in effect. I have no idea what it was and I had no interest in asking questions.