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Kunming seems to experience more disruptive and severe flooding than low lying cities such as Bangkok and Jakarta. Could be of course that these cities tend to have very predictable rainfall patterns and while their drainage systems are often clogged with garbage, flooding tends to be short-lived and confined to local areas rather than city wide. Upcountry towns located near rivers are the ones sometimes impacted by more widespread and severe flooding, again almost always during the rainy season. Of course there are also various parts of China, particularly in the central part of the country where flooding is a regular occurrence.

This flood prevention hotline may be useful if you get stuck in the mud so to speak and need assistance:


Weather forecast seems to point to another night of rain and next morning shower. Hope not, but If the case, those commuting through flood-prone roads tomorrow may want to get updates on road conditions:

Yunnan news portal on Weixin:


Another website that updated Kunming road conditions on a more timely basis. They started reporting at 7:25am this morning:


Okay, this flooding is getting out of hand. Knee-deep in Western Kunming. Flooding reported in the North per usual. Even city-center, the Panlong River is filling up inches from the brim. The decorative LED lights wrapping the river's edge already submerged in the fast flowing, yellow-brownish water. In some sections of Panlong River, water has already overflown lower stairwells where potted flowers are placed. Disturbing sights to say the least.

Yes, please. They are very much needed, both the craft ones, and the fruit and vegs ones. All animals products forbidden completely.