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There were no losers in this annual award. Each nominee provides excellent venues. It would be nice if Gokm (hint hint) posted a list of the nominees also...and as an added compensated or not benefit - each nominee and winner could then post the Gokm award or nomination logo on their review sites in the Gokm listings (added revenues for Gokm, to help offset updates and enhanced or new features...just a suggestion.

Good luck everyone involved! Year on year most of the usual KM businesses keep on improving so keep up the good work...even if you don't win, your services are very much appreciated by many! : )

This article could use a covenient map or two. Watch out for bandits on that hill although the biggest robbers are the guards at the bottom who demand the 80rmb entrance fee for the Black Dragon Pool park.

Btw. I do understand that my comment can be "sensitive" now, probably even angering our laowais who seem to have adopted very well! Heh.

Got curious about this now again, being on this nostalgia visit in your community. It was in 2014 and SCMP wrote this:

"Alibaba Group Holding, the e-commerce giant founded by Ma, is asking the public to participate in mapping water quality across the country to raise environmental awareness. With palm-sized testing kits sold through the company for about 65 yuan (HK$82), volunteers can measure pollutants in freshwater sources and upload the data to a digital map via smartphones. The programme, still in its initial stage, may prove to be a test of the government's resolve in cleaning up the environment."


So what happened with this program? Why is Jack Ma not talking about it anymore? I wonder if he was a revolutionary of some kind. But like Orwell said on Asia: theres always a plot behind a plot.