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Perhaps. As border patrol tightens, distribution supply chains have been forced to adapt. God knows your upstairs neighbor may be rented out to makeshift meth labs.

The SIT program was started in Kunming by the late Sam Mitchell and his wife Lu Yuan, and as far as I know it is still going. It's a very good program, though I can perhaps be accused of prejudice because I was associated with it for some time. The thing that inspired me to become so was the fact that many mere undergraduates, some with virtually no previous knowledge of China, were able, within a few months, to turn out such good field studies, the best of which approached work done on a Master's degree level. There are 3 published collections of the best of these studies available at Mandarin Books, all edited by Sam Mitchell (the 1st 2 of the series perhaps better than the last one, in my, and in Sam's, opinion).

wao, interesting epistemology guys! make me wanna come back shangri la and talk with you about deep philosophy drunk...

to get back to sars and bats, one must not forget that 1 reason of the spread of the deadly disease was the horrible life conditions of industry animals, which are denied most hapiness and freedom rights


Ms. Li took home the finish line ribbon. Not many among us can achieve such a monumental feet (pun intended).

She should kuaidi the ribbon back to her parents in Lincang. Typical, traditional Chinese parents will proudly brag to family & acquaintances of their daughter's running accolades, albeit disapproving in front of her for going off the beaten track so to speak.

Hopefully she'll garner greater visibility and sponsorships in the future!

Addendum. These peddle boats seat up to 7. The water is very high quality. The sun sets later on the east side. On the west you have the mountains shadow and loose the sun much earlier in the day.