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So the article says ¨Under Siege is a portrayal of the Chu-Han Contention, a war that began in 206 BC and ended with the rise of the Han dynasty."

Right. Not a Qing dynasty battle, I had to check that if it was a Qing dynasty battle against Japan or against Qing, but it was Han dynasty. duh!

Just Hot Jan, the carbon-footprint-less man.

Bon Appétit is a rising star among higher end bakeries in Kunming. Located near you at TPK shopping center, B1 level near the MRT tunnel.

Saw a new Bon Appétit bakery at today's grand opening of Spring 66 (opposite Dongfeng Square). Also B1 level..

Yep. I have always loved and still love the "Old Towns" no matter the naysayers and the "purists" of china travelers.
Yes, they are often crowded, overpriced, not authentic for the most part, but they have tons of personality IMO, and can always find great content for shooting pics or vids.

@sezuwupom : "JanJal is living the good life [...] Igor's delivers to your door."

You forgot to mention that I recycle and care for environment, which is why I would prefer to pick up my bakeries on my way rather than have someone on scooter deliver it wrapped in plastics. Even if it would leave the plastic maker and the scooter driver jobless. They could find new jobs in Just Hot, which I keep in business.

But I wish best of luck to Igor's. If location is everything, they have some catching up to do to reach out to potential customers like they are doing in this paid review..