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Regarding #2, Have you had any job offers, and if so, Uni, grade school, training center?

There is often a big distinction between the three in money and hours worked.

Also my understanding that for some legit schools an online tefl is not sufficient to procure the visa.

IF it's an agency, they may, but beware of the issues about all of this. If you are not aware, do you research on the work laws here.
They do enforce nowadays unlike the past.

So regarding the type of job, and after having a nanny, even if u do some side work, it may not be financially rewarding, but of course this is always a subjective question.

Are you familiar with healthcare in China, btw, and for children?
This would be concerning for me if I had a baby and alone here.

On a sour note from people my wife or I have known using nanny's, it was a headache. Different thinking, approaches, lack of stability, etc.

But that is anecdotal.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hospital recommendations for giving birth

If I recall correctly, Angel Hospitals made some news a few years ago with some other issues that I can't remember, but what came out of it was that they were a part of a large private enterprise through China, and just a money making machine.

I also remember that when we were in Chengdu there was a lot of comments regarding them, and it wasn't positive.

We ultimately found another private hospital and it was very good, similar to the states, and it cost about 25000 rmb.

Private room for a few days, food,

all that stuff included.

Also had a child in a public hospital, was a bit scary because of a particular situation, and kinda crappy due to the crowding and other issues, but it worked, and obviously works in china, but I would prefer a non public place, IMO.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...


So at first, you think this forum should allow pissing competitions, debates, if it has "good information", and all the BS, sarcasm, stupid responses, irrelevant responses, going off track, etc, otherwise it's just a search engine?
What about personal attacks? U left that one out. Is that your line in the sand?

BUT, if there are multiple warnings, then its ok?
Even though it's up to the moderator?

Now the other issues do matter?
But you like this back and forth, even if it's not consistent, because u like the "debate", right?

On this thread, because this is precisely the issue, sure...
BUT when one is simply asking a question re: kunming life, is this how u would like forums to go?

Because you fear something that is not there? Ugh.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

@michael, and others,

I think one thing is being missed here. It's not just the "personal name calling" that's an issue, at least in my opinion, but often someone will post a thread and a few, we know them all by now, start to hijack the thread with their own quips and sarcasm etc, that is the issue.
One can see this on so many posts, and I'm sure it makes some people less interested in posting and being active on the site, which I would assume would be to the detriment of GOKM, as this is a business, although it provides a service for us that live here.

IMO this type of hijacking is as bad as attacking someone personally.

It seems that some contributors here are worried about the freedoms on the site, but again, there's really only three or four perpetrators, and I think they bring others down to their level, and generally bring down the site. I've heard this from quite a few people living here.

Let me just add that I think my use of "argumentative" behavior is misused. I am in favor for people to debate and discuss the merits of the topic, but without it getting side tracked or going down the typical path of the "pissing contest" a few enjoy here.

I believe this whole issue is quite obvious, I believe everyone is an adult here, and they know what they are doing, at least most of the time. And it's just not to the benefit of a website providing a good service.

I think the justifications and/or defense of someone with their anecdotal stories or opinions are again misguided, otherwise why is this even an issue?
I've said it before, there are plenty of places to "VENT" and be who you are, if that is your "personality".


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Yep. I have always loved and still love the "Old Towns" no matter the naysayers and the "purists" of china travelers.
Yes, they are often crowded, overpriced, not authentic for the most part, but they have tons of personality IMO, and can always find great content for shooting pics or vids.



Went there with the kids, was very cool.

Can rent traditional outfits, take pictures in the temple and throne, my girls loved it.
The town itself is great if you like the old traditional buildings, and they had some shows put on, music, dancing, and little skits.

For about 35 rmb each, kids free, was worth it, wished we had more time there.