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To echo KM's point, if you live next to KUST as an example, there are a string of 4 parks in a row, that lead to another walking trail to goes all the way to the reservoir, not to mention some of the other local hills that the drinking/hiking group, HASH, I think.

This area is in University Town area. My family and I often go to these places, would probably be a good area for your dogs if that's what your looking for.


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Yep. I have always loved and still love the "Old Towns" no matter the naysayers and the "purists" of china travelers.
Yes, they are often crowded, overpriced, not authentic for the most part, but they have tons of personality IMO, and can always find great content for shooting pics or vids.



Hoping on what Ocean said, it's worth a visit, but if one wasn't going to the surrounding areas as well, I think I might as just visit the ocean park at Dounan, about the same, and cheaper.

Right now price is 230 per adult, add 30 yuan and it's year round pass.

kids about 150, plus 30.
kids under 110 cm free.

The biggest, and longest show is the circus, runs about an hour.

Everything Ocean stated about the park and shows is accurate.

Parking is 10 yuan and can stay overnight if adventurous?

Toilets and water close.
Food stalls and restaurants, but close at park closing time at 6 pm.

Nothing is in walking distance to the park, but there is a local market every morning, we went there to stock up on food and eat breakfast.

I think the biggest benefit of this place, if one is considering the annual pass, is the other local places to visit.

There is a large farm with a play area nearby, camping, and tiny home and trailer rentals.
Another parking lot to stay for free.

Shilin Forest and Jiuxiang Cave are close, with another large lake nearby and other farms.


Went there with the kids, was very cool.

Can rent traditional outfits, take pictures in the temple and throne, my girls loved it.
The town itself is great if you like the old traditional buildings, and they had some shows put on, music, dancing, and little skits.

For about 35 rmb each, kids free, was worth it, wished we had more time there.