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Dining & Drinks 5:30pm 158 yuan

International Buffet Dinner


Original Price: ¥258/person
Now, any registered member of GoKunming. come can enjoy a ¥100 off discount for Kai Wah buffet dinner voucher at a special price of ¥158/person if they buy the voucher at Kai Wah.

One-stop service for:

14 varieties of food, hundreds of well-cooked delicacies, seafood delivered via air, stir-fried lamp chops and steak, assorted roast, cold dishes& hot dishes, dessert and drinks. International Buffet Dinner opened every Friday and Saturday.

The buffet voucher can not be used on a festival or during a special event of the hotel;All rights of final interpretaion belong to Kai Wah Plaza Hotel.

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Kai Wah Plaza International Hotel • 157 Beijing Lu