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I went to the Wuyi Lu ticket office (www.gokunming.com/en/listings/item/33081 ) and they said:
- you need a Chinese ID card to buy long distance bus tickets there. Can't do it with a passport.
- you can buy a train ticket there with your passport.
- you cannot get your train tickets bought online with a passport there, you'll need to go the train station.

Baidu Map seems to be up-to-date, no trace of the 121 office already: j.map.baidu.com/BHzXO

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Yahoo and train tickets

2. when buying on Ctrip you get a confirmation code, so you just need that and your passports to get your tickets at the counter at the train station.

Just be careful to type your full names just like on your passports, had a bad experience recently: middle names were missing and they wouldn't give the tickets!

Some more info directly from Ctrip: english.ctrip.com/[...]


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There's a more official map on the "Kunming Rail Transit Group" website: www.kmgdgs.com/node_46459.htm
(It's flash, doesn't work on most phones)

@Dan: looks like Line 1 will follow Jianshe Lu actually, with a stop at the crossing with 121, not really Xizhan.

@bilingualexpat: must be a mistake on that map. The 2 stops on Line 5 are called 翠湖 and 胜利堂. I'm guessing Shenglitang will be on Renmin Zhong Lu though, not like on the map.

So now there's also Ofo bikes and Mobikes in the Kunming streets. With Youonbike, that's now 3 startups offering station-less bike sharing in Kunming... I'm guessing the municipal project with bike depots from this article is something else actually. I wonder if that started as well.



Just updated this with the new location. The new space is pretty different from the one they had in Kundu, but still pretty cosy. Worth a try!


Looks like it's moving again to another location: passed by there yesterday and people were selling stuff in the streets but not in the market anymore. Some security guy told me it was moving to some place near the train station...


these are for rent... great bikes by the way, got one for a 4-day trip and it was perfect!