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Earthquake just now?

seahorse62 (141 posts) • 0

I just felt an earthquake at 4:31pm on Sunday 3 August. Did you guys feel it? I was lying on the bed watching a show when the bed began to sway. I looked in the hall where I have a hanging light, and it was also swaying.

Otto Melon (46 posts) • 0

Yes, we felt it. It was so strong we left the house. But no-one else seemed to notice. And it hasn't shown up on usgs.gov which seems odd.

JanJal (1229 posts) • 0

I was sitting at my computer and suddenly felt myself swaying slightly from side to side. First I was thinking I'm having something wrong in my head and I should lay down.

But then my wife called from living room "Our house is moving!", as she saw the laundry hanging in the balcony starting to move.

When I went to living room, we also saw framed paintings on the wall move.

This was in 31th floor, where the small shaking was noticeable for about 30 seconds.

After pondering over it a bit, we headed downstairs.

jondallas (3 posts) • 0

This is very scary. I'm out of country at the moment and keeping an eye on events. For those who felt the earthquake, what area of Kunming do you reside? I live in Chenggong District and am curious if it was felt that far south...

JanJal (1229 posts) • 0

We are in Bin Jiang Jun Yuan in Wuhua District, south of Baiyun Lu next to Panlong river.

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