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Forums > Living in Kunming > Top up alipay or wechat pay using visa card

@Bubbler You should try Alipay, the new service they announced seems to be a real workaround that already works.

"- Exchange rate is close to interbank rate (a 500 RMB load today shows as US$71.15, XE’s rate list $71.42)
- No transaction fee to December 31, 2019, BUT the terms say the fee going forward will be a steep 5%"

"Tour Pass doesn’t give foreign users access to all of Alipay’s functions. Alipay told us that Tour Pass users can’t transfer their Tour Pass money to other Alipay users. So splitting a dinner bill with friends could still be a hassle."

WeChat doesn't seem to work yet:
"So what’s to say it’s going to work this time? Well, for one, both MasterCard and Visa have made announcements about the upcoming partnership, which is a good sign."


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I took the road called 轿子山旅游专线 on Baidu Map, it starts from the Puji Overpass (普吉立交). Baidu Map might not be up-to-date regarding the driving time... Article will be corrected, thanks.

Starting March 20, there will be a night train to Hekou:

- K9816 昆明-河口北 22:48-06:06
(7h18) hard sleeper: 116.5 yuan, hard seat 70.5 yuan

At the moment, the day trains are:
- K9832 昆明-河口北 09:32-15:20 (5h48)
- K9822 昆明-河口北 15:45-21:12 (5h27)

from the official website



Looks like it's moving again to another location: passed by there yesterday and people were selling stuff in the streets but not in the market anymore. Some security guy told me it was moving to some place near the train station...


these are for rent... great bikes by the way, got one for a 4-day trip and it was perfect!


happy I found this place. It should be on the listing map, I would have found it sooner!

Not only a vegetarian restaurant, it's organic food as well. And they got a shop for organic products as well.

there's a website : <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>