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Snapshot: A laowai wedding in Kunming

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Any wedding in Kunming, whether Western or Chinese, is a cause for celebration. Although people from different cultures may have vastly varying marital traditions, the general idea of getting together to celebrate a couple's devotion is universal, as is having a giant meal after the ceremony.

This was certainly the case on April 12, when Kasey and Jay got together with several dozen of their closest friends at DT Bar to tie the knot. Below are some of the sights from a wonderful evening that could only have happened in the Spring City.

People began gathering in the courtyard on an glorious afternoon full of sunshine, music and good cheer.

As is customary in Kunming, the wedding started roughly an hour and a half later than scheduled — which is good, because important events shouldn't be rushed.

Image credit: Patrick Scally
Image credit: Patrick Scally

With some encouraging words from Father Dale, Kasey and Jay exchanged vows and rings, their words bringing several in the gathered crowd to tears.

The ceremony finished, everyone got down to the business of dancing, eating and generally making merry.

All good weddings need a DJ, and Mark did a fine job. He sported a very nice pair of sunglasses as well.

Image credit: Patrick Scally
Image credit: Patrick Scally

No wedding banquet is complete without a cake, and no cake is truly finished until topped with plastic dinosaurs.

Love was, of course, in the air, as exemplified by the lovely Mr and Mrs John Nevada Lundemo.

Above, the bridal party shows off their Henna tattoos.

It's not every wedding where the bride and groom take the stage for a performance, Kasey on saxophone and Jay on growly Blues vocals.

When it was time for the ceremonial cake cutting, Jay and Kasey used what brides and grooms have for countless generations — a giant cleaver.

Kunming's cutest baby made an appearance, showing off her pool-playing skills.

Image credit: Patrick Scally
Image credit: Patrick Scally

Editor's note: Special thanks to Kris Ariel for letting us use all of the photos not otherwise credited above.

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What a great day that was! Congrats again Kasey and Jay! :)

looks as though they got married in DT bar

Looks like you all had a great day. Congratulations and best wishes, Kasey and Jay

Great photos. Thanks Kris.

Congratulations. Best wishes to both.

This is the best. Congratulations to the two of you!

WOW! Thank you so much again to everyone who came and made this so fun! Jay and I are both amazed and humbled by the great show of support for our committment to each other. Heaping thanks on thanks for everyone who helped us out so much: my bridesmaids Annette and Sunny, Jay's best man James, our officiator Dale, our ringbearer Little Coconut Head, Juliette and Matu for letting us take over DT Bar, Mark for DJing, Gerrit for the beautiful flowers, Sunny and JiaJia for the cakes, Sander and Tony for grilling, Ian, James, Kris, Ralf, Mark, and everyone else who played music, everyone who brought food, and Ben, Kris, and Pat for spreading the love. THANK YOU!!!!

Congrats Kasey! All the best! xxx

Congratulations again Kasey and Jay, what a great day! Thanks for having us at this memorable occassion.

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