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As of late November, Metro was carrying bulk bags of whole nutmeg. Though it's probably more nutmeg than you'll use in a lifetime.

Double check Paul's, too. I could almost swear they have nutmeg there as well.

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We'll be playing at Cacao this Friday around dinner time. Come for good Mexican food and a mix of Cuban/Irish songs and other tunes.


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@nnoble The government has actually seemed to work pretty hard to protect elephants and other endangered species in Xishuangbanna. I'm not sure there are many places where poachers face the death penalty if caught, but China is one of them.

Anymore, the bigger problem I've read about is the encroachment of rubber and other cash crops on their habitats. I visited this area earlier this summer and talked to some farmers living in between two large nature reserves about the elephants. Apparently the elephants will regularly stroll into the villages, wreck houses, eat crops, and occasionally kill people. But in an effort to keep the farmers from killing the elephants, the government has set up an arrangement with a private insurance to compensate farmers for material losses.

China has a long way to go to dissuade people from purchasing ivory and other endangered animal products obtained elsewhere, and to prevent the trafficking of these goods into the country. But it seems that the policies in place to protect the 200-250 elephants living here are actually quite robust.

A twinge of envy doesn't even begin to describe it. I'm sure that the process of writing up grant proposals is a pain, but the payoff is eight months hiking through NW Yunnan doing research. What a great gig.


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