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Vietnam consulate opening hours?

Heinz (29 posts) • 0

Has anyone applied for a Vietnam visa recently and knows the consulate's opening hours? In contrast with other countries' consulates, they actually have a website, but unfortunately this info is not given.

Charlie-KM (4 posts) • 0

As a side note, the entrance to the consulate isn't particularly well marked. Go around the side of the building until you find 155号附1, then go up to the 5th floor.

#jp+22 (5 posts) • 0

Went today. Hours posted at the consulate are m-f 9-12, 2-6. Phone: 0871-352-2669. Fax: 0871-351-6667. Cost: ¥400. Be prepared to wait a little bit. Takes three days to process.

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