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Culture 7:30pm 25 yuan

English Salon


Develop a high-quality contact group
Meet with interesting people
Discover the stories behind them
Bound up our minds, Show out your talents
Inspired by others' experiences.

We organize an English Group on WeChat. We have already got 300 people to join. Most of us get together just because we love English. We get together every week to communicate different views or ideals about the things in our daily life in English. We can share problems or suggestions with each other, and get inspired from different people with different views. We are local people, We have people who are working in different companies or organizations, and we have college students. We get together every Friday night.

I really appreciate foreigners could join us. If you want to know Kunming well, and make some good friends. If you are Chinese, I hope we could share views with each other in English.

WeChat Public Account: " KmEnglishCorner "
Add me on WeChat. 691296694, if you want to join the group.

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