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City Walk


City Walk activity organized by Tuofeng Outdoor Club is a wonderful way for you to explore the city cultures, without limits, not physical training, not the kind of looking without seeing. It leads you into finding surprises in everyday life, discovering the changes and news of Kunming city, and feeling the city through the conflict and integration of history and modernization.

Why go with us?
1. Food on the way. Spiced cake thread with a 100-year history. Italian veggie pizza. Veggie toufu rice noodles. Old Kunming BBQ. Cappuccino by a world-class barista. Xuanwei Cuisine from Qing Helou Restaurant. Hand pilaf by Ethnic Dai. Taiwanese pork rib soup with rice.(Please be noted that most of these food spots are deep in alleys with a unique environment.)

2. Special tours. To find ancient street lamps of Qing dynasty. To travel by train on part of the Yunnan–Vietnam Meter Gauge Railway.

3. Kunming World War Ⅱ historic places. Memorial Hall to Victory against the Japanese and the surroundings, which were built in the shape of a goblet. Flying Tigers memorial sites.4. Camps for arty youth. Three best independent bookstores. Basketball court transformed from an abandoned factory. Foreigner Street. International youth hostel with furniture of Ming dynasty. You can always expect more!

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