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Culture 7:00pm 10 yuan

Toastmasters Club: Public Speaking & Leadership


Monday 7:15pm: Match TMC (English)
Venue: Xuefu Lu

Monday 7:15pm: Wavy TMC (English)
Venue: Baiyun Lu, Binjiang Junyuan II

Monday 7:15pm: Bloomer TMC
Venue: Dongfeng Dong Lu


Tuesday 7:15pm: Xuedu Metropolis TMC (English)
Venue: Wuyi Lu

Tuesday 7:20pm: Yuanzi TMC
Venue: Jianshe Lu


Wednesday 7pm: Champion TMC (English)
Venue: Shane English school, Taoyuan Jie

Wednesday 7:15pm: Huanyu TMC (Chinese)
Venue: Baiyun Lu, Jinse Nianhua

Wednesday 7:15pm: Luminaries TMC (English)
Venue: Wanda


Thursday 7pm: Spring City TMC (English)
Venue: Baiyun Lu, Binjiang Junyuan II

Thursday 7pm: Ivy TMC (English)
Venue: Chengyiyuan

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