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Culture 6:00pm 68 yuan

68Club Dialogue Wine and Tea


Tea originates in China, and wine bloomed in France. Although they were separated, mean to be together, like good friends, or lovers.

Thousand years ago, Wangfu wrote the On Tea and Wine(Baijiu) and it was widely spread. If tea presents China, then wine presents France, they are elegant arts we pursue, they are the signals of the cultures, expression of terroir, story tellers of customs, and loved bond for you and me.

Wine and tea, represents the west and the east, just like music.

We are the hedonists, we taste enjoy wine and taste art, we sip tea and appreciate music. But we are the practitioners of human cultures as well, to popularize French wine, to promote excellent culture, to advocate pu’erh standards, to generalize traditional essence!

This is a public event, to maintain this event with better service, we charge 68RMB each person, and offer you either wine or tea. Each Saturday night we share different topics and cultures about the west and the east.

If you like Chinese tea and Chinese culture, if you are homesick, welcome to our homelike party, we will host you the most aromatic tea and the mellow wine.

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