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A few thoughts as someone tasked with monitoring the GK forums:

We've let certain threads venture far off topic over the past few months in an effort to give other forum topics more breathing room. Hasn't worked.

We'll return to a slightly more hands on approach.

For a more personal take, and speaking as someone who has been responsible for the the content here on the website for seven years, it's impossible to please everyone and perhaps I've been guilty of trying too hard. In answer to a few recent posts:

Some people like the up/down vote system, others don't. Some come to the forums to read a very small minority of users duke it out daily. Some hate it.

Determining what is offensive vs what is banter varies from person to person and day by day.

Conversations like this on GK inevitably (every summer in July and August to be precise) lead to discussions of freedom of speech and forum management. To the former I'd respond: that freedom is recognized, guaranteed and protected by governments with citizen input. Not by websites, and not by companies. Our guidelines make no bones about this. Please read them.

As to moderation, yes we delete spam and posts the Chinese government may frown upon. You can view this cynically, but the actuality is we remove spam because it's useless and wastes space, and we delete sensitive posts in order to stay online.

Staying online as a free service to the community is our most bedrock function.

All that being said, forums are by nature volatile, and we've been too blasé about moderation recently. My personal apologies. We will look to step it up.

Rant over. As always, thanks to everyone for using the site and caring enough about how GK is run to comment, criticize and offer advice. We appreciate it more than you may realize.

- Patrick

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

Back to the most recent tech question posed here:

From speaking with our server provider, they are working on improving recent instability problems. These have caused limited access to GoKunming in some locations.

Sorry if you've experienced any of these problems, and for the slow response as we tracked down the issue.


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And here are some of the sources she used, apart from exploring the city and mapping the organic places in Kunming in person:

www.chinafile.com/media/china-organic-food-gaining-ground Organic Food in China
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Dept of Geography & Environmental Management, University of Waterloo, Canada The Evolution and Structure of China's Organic and Ecological Agriculture Sector Summary of Research Findings Dr Steffanie Scott, Aijuan Chen, Theresa Schumilas and Zhenzhong Si Updated July 2012

GeoProgress Journal, vol. 2, n.I, 2015 45 Organic food in China: the law behind lüse shipin and youji shipin RICCARDO BERTI

International Trade Centre (ITC) Organic Food Products in China: Market Overview
Geneva: ITC, 2011. xii, 36 pages (Technical paper) Doc. No. SC-11-196.E

Please feel free to add additional resources in the comments. Thank you for all your positive feedback!


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