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@bilingualexpat We use file sharing sites to source photos from people who are far away, not to move sensitive information. No need to worry.


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Kunming South (昆明南站), North Guangtong (广通北站), Chuxiong (楚雄站), Nanhua (南华站), Pupeng (普棚站), Yunnan Yizhan (云南驿站), Xiangyun (祥云站), Dali East (大理东站), Dali Station (大理站)

There is a fairly long legal discussion of that point (in Chinese) here:[...]
The overall conclusion is "maybe" although not required by Chinese law. Looks more likely he will have 5 years added to his existing sentence. If a court determines his escape involved "serious offenses" the death penalty can be invoked.


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