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expats paying taxes....

taejonwill (38 posts) • 0

I am an American living and teaching at a university in Yunnan. What is the best way to go about paying taxes via the IRS. I'm not sure how to go about doing this.


voltaire (225 posts) • 0

They have and can get no proof you ever made any money, so don't pay them any money. Only the US is brazen enough to demand cash from its citizens living abroad. It's a scam.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

I pay taxes on my income in the UK, but HMRC (revenue and customs) are not interested in money I earn here since I'm not currently domicile in UK. In any case, I pay tax to Chinese authorities on local earnings. As a US citizen, are you sure you need to pay tax or even declare your earnings in China whilst living here?

Geezer (1953 posts) • 0

Go to


To get a 1040 form you can download and use with Acrobat Reader.

Beware of idiots telling to ignore paying US taxes. I tried that and the IRS did a jeopardy assessment and seized money in my stateside account. Long story but I expect to get it back this year.

As irs.gov is usually blocked, PM me and I will send you the forms you need.

Geezer (1953 posts) • 0

For Americans:

Some forms and publications you might need to file your American tax return:

Publication 17 is one of the most complete Pubs the IRS puts out. Lots of info and your head will hurt.

For 2015 filing: www.irs.gov/Forms-&-Pubs

For prior years filing:

You might need

Form 2555 Foreign Earned Income

Form 2555-EZ Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

If you get Social Security benefits get Publication 915 (has a handy worksheet)

Do you have a foreign bank account? Don't forget FBAR.

FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report) Old rule: Any bank account over $10,000 must be reported. New rule: Must report if all bank accounts total $10,000 or more.

Health Coverage Exemptions
Basically to get this exemption the requirements are the same as the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

You need Form 8965 (f8965). Also get the instructions (i8965). This gets filed with your 1040.

Geezer (1953 posts) • 0

@voltaire: The US and Chinese governments do cooperate and exchange earnings and tax information.

Both countries tax worldwide income if they can. If you get caught or slip up it can be expensive.

Geezer (1953 posts) • 0

@Alien: What can I say? You are not an American and know little or nothing of US tax law. Yet you opine and mislead. What evil posses you to do this?

voltaire (225 posts) • 0

@Geezer: Why would you send undeclared earnings from China to the US? That's just stupid. Just access your funds through a debit card. The way international tax law works, nobody cares about small fry, which individuals on English teaching incomes for a few years are. I've never heard of China trying to tax the overseas income of its citizens, do you have a source for that?

PS. Alien is American.

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