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Fight for Charity Preview – Paul vs Tudou

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Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao, Tyson Fury...Tudou – most of these are famous boxers of whom you have likely heard. As for the final fighter in the list, your opportunity to see him in all his glory or humiliation will come on Sunday, July 18, when Rotary Club of Kunming in cooperation with IWE Sports and local charity "益心为儿童" (YX for Children) will stage a full-fledged charity boxing event with a wonderful lineup of 11 fights, proceeds of which will go toward lifesaving heart surgeries for children in need from Yunnan.

Yunnan has a proud recent history when it comes to boxing. Back in 2010 we reported on Yunnan native boxer Xiong Chaozhong, who at that time was on his way to becoming WBC champion in the lightest weight division. Xiong indeed went on to win the WBC belt in 2012, and with that achievement also became China's first ever professional boxing world champion. In 2018 Xiong officially retired, and he now operates a boxing gym in his native Wenshan.

After Xiong, there has been a lull in Yunnan-related boxing news. Fast forwarding to right now, that is all about to change.

Xiong Chaozhong in his winning 2012 WBC fight against Javier 'the Demon' Martinez
Xiong Chaozhong in his winning 2012 WBC fight against Javier 'the Demon' Martinez

Last November the foreign and local Kunming community came together for the Have a Heart Fundraiser 2020. In a wonderful display of generosity more than 300,000 RMB was raised in support of operations for children with congenital heart disease.

As we await the next installment of that wonderful event, Rotary Club brings us another opportunity to come together as an international community and bring about a positive impact on the province we call home. The "Fight for Charity" on July 18 will feature a stacked lineup, with five boxing and five kickboxing matches that will include national-level fighters. The evening will conclude with the main card: Paul 'The French Bulldog' Seksig vs. 'The Irish Pikey' Tudou—two pillars of the Kunming laowai community battling it out for eternal glory and bragging rights.

Tuduo preparing for the fight
Tuduo preparing for the fight

Under the watchful eye of Vervo Club business owner, nutritionist and trainer Selman 'the British gentleman' Pataudi, both Paul and Tudou have gone through what can only be described metamorphosis as they followed a rigorous training regimen in preparation for the upcoming fight.

The entrance fee to the Charity Event is 150 RMB per person, and tickets can be purchased by scanning the QR code on the event flyer (NOTE: Please take a screenshot of your payment as proof of donation for entry into the event venue). Proceeds will be donated to the charity YX for Children and used to support surgeries for children with congenital heart conditions whose families cannot afford all the costs associated with the medical treatment. Before and during the event, it is possible to make a bigger donation by purchasing additional tickets. There will be a dedicated donation stand on the day as well, so come for the fun and to help out the kids! The action kicks off at 3pm, Sunday, 18 July at IWE Sports located on Baoshan Jie in the heart of downtown Kunming. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Paul getting in shape in the gym
Paul getting in shape in the gym

A little background on congenital heart disease

Roughly one percent of children globally are born with congenital heart defects. These range from minor to life-threatening. In rural places around the world, with little or no access to adequate healthcare, such cases can prove fatal at an early age. This reality is no less true in Yunnan's far-flung places, where children are sometimes properly diagnosed but still have no recourse because surgery is a financial impossibility for their families. Because of the high altitude in Yunnan province there are many more children born here with congenital heart disease.

We are raising money for Yunnan children who need life-saving surgeries, which will be performed at Fuwai Hospital in Kunming. These children live in rural hamlets and big cities alike but have one thing in common: their families cannot afford the operations. To mitigate some of the most dire cases, not-for-profit Village Progress organized the first heart health fundraiser six years ago. It has grown every year since. All told, with online donations, a charity walk from Dali to Lijiang and events like the one on November 14th last year, more than 500,000 yuan (US$75,000) has been raised in Yunnan. These initiatives have collectively funded more than 500 surgeries over the past ten years, 30 of them for children who otherwise would not have survived. A typical surgery — which generally must be performed in a specialized hospital — costs between 60,000 and 100,000 yuan (US$9,000-15,000).

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....title should read "Tudou", not "Tuduo"

Oops. Corrected. :)

Blows to the head can cause concussion and head injuries are thought to raise the chances of dementia, parkinsons, alzeimers etc. Brain damage is permanent - I used to work with for a charity helping adults who had suffered brain injuries. Great cause and probably great entertainment, but I suggest that the money could be raised in a more ethical way.

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