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  • NameVervo Club & Bar
  • Address71 Qianwang Jie, Zhengyi Fang (North Side), Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68072715
  • HoursSun-Thu: noon-2am
    Fri-Sat: noon-Late
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Vervo Club & Bar • 71 Qianwang Jie, Zhengyi Fang (North Side)


Vervo is now operating a magnetic card system. Present your student card at the bar and receive one of ours, which makes you eligible for a 20% discount on all drinks before midnight and 15% thereafter.

Present card to staff when paying, swipe and you have a discount effective on all drinks!

There are limited numbers of cards available, please remember to bring your student I.D.

We are Vervo, a real club in downtown Kunming. We bring you the best electronic music in Southwest China. Over ten years of experience organising events for Kunming classics such as "speakeasy" and "uprock" we reinforced our team and once again put Kunming on the map with "The Club", delivering the cream of domestic electronic talent and an eclectic mix of overseas DJ's.

Vervo is the culmination of more than a decade of refinement.

We have two rooms dedicated to sound. Our focus, Room 1 - 60 square metres of pure isolated dance space – no tables or chairs – no smoking – quite simply - a space for decibel combustion.

Our Room 2 offers up a variety of other music styles and a less intense experience for those looking to keep moving, but at a lower bpm than Room 1.

Set over two floors, both rooms are fully air conditioned and strictly non smoking.

With weekly events and a packed calendar on weekends expect to hear the latest in electronic music from a variety of genres and DJ's.

During the week we put our sound system to full use with live music and performances from Monday leading into chillout, funk, boogie, disco, house and back into the weekend with signature electronic sounds.

We have a diverse and evolving selection of cocktails and shots all poured free hand, beer by the bottle and also draught on tap.

We also stock a sandwich bar where you can craft your own masterpieces or choose from our classic selection - made fresh in front of you – open until we close.

During daytime operations we are proud to offer classic English Afternoon Tea, scones and all.

Relax during the day, rave through the night.


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Just been once today 23 august 2014 but i can already tell it is the best place to enjoy a real dancefloor atmosphere with good music (not the commercial stuff that goes on in Kundu) with cool people. Eager to come back.


Vervo is a venue which I have enjoyed visiting since it opened. It makes a nice change from the other late night options in Kunming, mainly because it has qualities which I haven't yet noticed in other venues in the city. It has a decent sound system which can play music loud while maintaining sound quality. It isn't a sound system which is going to produce fuzzy or crackly sounds. The DJ's, the times I have been, have been pretty good as well. They have been able to mix properly and have created a lively atmosphere on the dance floor. The dance floor itself is cool, it's located behind the bar down a narrow corridor. It's spacious and this is where people head to dance and enjoy the music. There is no seating in the dance floor room, the seating is next to the bar and on the balcony. The seating area is a nice place to go and chill and have a chat. It's good that these two areas have been kept separate. Vervo wouldn't be out of place among the better clubs in a British city. I recommend people go and check it out as I think it really does make a positive and different contribution to Kunming's nightlife!


Went there on New Year's and the place was packed with pro DJs playing in room 1. Downstairs is a great place to chill out if want a more relaxed vibe. They have a few things left to smoothen out, but otherwise this is as close as you're going to get to a western club experience in Kunming!


Many thanks for comments and feedback.

@DanTheMan - We are working to have the sandwich bar operational by Friday 13th.

@James2012 We have exactly what you mentioned lined up soon. Watch this space for coming events.