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Forums > Living in Kunming > Westerner Thinking and Ways

@Marcuschen: I don't know in which occasions you have met foreigners in China but i don't believe the majority is the half of what you described. It is the generalities that are source of hate and "tempers inflame", not criticism.
Same as the generalities and critics on Chinese that come out regularly in different threads here, it is most of time abusive and exaggerated.
We guys need to learn to ponder.

A useless thread symmetrical to a useless original.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreigner Police Registration

Thanks Long-Dragon and Alien for your answers.
I just came back this morning with 11 months late....all smiling and "dontbuting" and it went perfectly. No remarks, no deep questions about my activity (just the name of my company) and especially no fine!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreigner Police Registration

Hi everyone! Yesterday the police was down my building for an old person who passed away, and when they saw me arrive they started playing investigation style and asking me if I was registered, which I did not (totally forgot)....since June 2014...
The other problem is i have a business VISA and the apartment rent was paid by the company Im invited to "do business with".

Although I can prove them Im leaving China soon (mid-june) I'm afraid they investigate on that business VISA (relation with PSB?) OR that they give me a HUGE fine for being late....
Your advices are still to arrive playing dumb, ignorant, victim of lack of info, maybe pretend my chinese sucks and always smile? Any change in the police behaviour concerning foreigners recently?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Do you think we need more active moderation?

@DanTheMan and Moderator

Yes, I also think the majority wants more moderation and is silent because nobody wants to intervene in a sterile debate with the main protagonists of GKM who always start well a topic with clever arguments (I do concess) but always ends in a penis size battle.

Yes also for a thumbs up/down button.


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Indeed it deserves Love! I just came back from Ximeng and its area, on of the best thing is that during Chinese Spring Festival it is totally forgotten by the tourists. I have just seen them come specifically for some Wazu performances (sacrifices, singing, dances) which are really worthing btw. The Wazu dance is worth the shot to see the energy and grace communicated by this dark-skinned long-haired beautiful girls. The local Wazu (from Ximeng and Mengka the old town) are probably the most welcoming and friendly Chinese I have ever met, and definitely the most smiley and funny ones. They also seem to have a strong attachment with music (a lot playing guitar and drums, chatted with some good reggae players) which is really nice.
Another thing not mentioned here is a place 木依吉 (Muyiji) with a little waterfall and some ancients Wazu painting on the mountains. During rainy season people can swim. It is very close from Ximeng heading towards Menglian (south), maybe 2km.
The drink 水酒 is a must but I hope you like drinking cause if you start, they won't let you go :) The food is also incredible and unfortunately impossible to find this taste in Kunming (as the locals say).

Such an underrated city and underrated culture that deserves a passing by.



Really good beers and not too pricey (the 1L glass is not expensive), the pizzas are nice but the best are the american style Ribs. Chill and Lounge atmosphere enhanced by live shows, perfect for dating, its also not too loud so you can go with friends and chat.


Just been once today 23 august 2014 but i can already tell it is the best place to enjoy a real dancefloor atmosphere with good music (not the commercial stuff that goes on in Kundu) with cool people. Eager to come back.