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Since 2015, Humdinger Brewpub has served up wood-fired fusion cuisine, craft beer and the best in local live music.

We serve Australian imported beef, BBQ pork ribs, wood-fired pizzas, and a wide selection of western and local snacks that pair perfectly with our craft beer.

With 10 taps of beer brewed on-site, our brew team serves up a wide variety of styles of beer including seasonal fruit beers and the best unfiltered hefeweizen in town. 7 nights a week we host the best musical talent Kunming has to offer.

We invite you to check out our website to see our awesome open plan space, open kitchen and brewery:

Listing info
  • NameHumdinger Brewpub (Zhengyi location)
  • Address111 Zhengyi Lu, Kunming
    昆明正义路111 (原人民电影院)
  • MOBILE13888313713 (to book a table)
  • HoursDaily 5:30pm-late
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Humdinger Brewpub (Zhengyi location) • 111 Zhengyi Lu

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The beer is very good, Raspberry Cider is always my favourite. Also the beer is on sale recently, its buy two get one free. The prices are reasonable, 40 kuai for 500ml, and 188 kuai for 3L. Tacos are amazing, its different from the soft tortillas that Ive ever had, its hard and crisp, with Thai style sauce on top, just worth trying. Always enjoy Sandra and Roberto's performances on Wednesdays and Thurdays .


Beer is excellent, especially the pilsner and the IPA. The food is good as well and quite varied. Staff is attentive and having live music is a nice touch.


I would agree on other reviews, the food is okay, the beer is good, the atmosphere is great, but everything is overpriced even on promotion days.


I've been a few times now, it's a nice place. Beers brewed in~house are of course something quite special, and the pizzas, and some of the other snacks, are very nice. I was there tonight, and for the first time, tried the American~style ribs. I have to say that they weren't as good as I was expecting. But that could be that I'm not really familiar with this dish? On the whole, though, it's a great place.