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Forums > Study > Student Visas No Longer Provided

Hi guys, is there any of you having trouble to renew your student visa? are you already under the two month extension?

If the rumours are true, All current non degree foreign students from any institution (including public and private ones) are no longer entitled to apply for /renew a student visa, can anyone confirm or throw some light on the matter?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Health Certificate in English

Don't waste your money and time, every country will probably want to do their own test, and as ''Bucko'' said ,a test done hours before getting into a plane is already outdated...Just carry on with whatever procedures they ask you to follow, be safe.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average rent for small apartment?

The rental price will vary depending on many factors and some people might have found different deals, from experience I would say:

Fully furnished, one bedroom apartment, relatively nice located from 1500/1700 (very lucky/ market price) to whatever you are willing to pay, but as I said, depending on many factors.

You can actually find some tiny one bedroom apartments from 1000RMB if you know where to look, you can also rent out whole 3 bedrooms apartments in old communities for 1800 RMB, will also have to do with your ability to communicate in Chinese, and be at the right place at the right time as these opportunities are fewer.

good luck.


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A piece of advise guys, go there early and do download at least one of the apps mentioned above, practise for a few days to get used to the translations, don't be nervous as most of the people pass the test but don't be overconfident, it is not difficult but I would not say it's an easy test that anyone could pass without reviewing a few days, also be ready to go from one building to another during the procedure.

Would be nice to have an article about how to rent a car in Kunming, thanks a lot for the article btw.



Atmosphere is good but the music is too loud, if you have a club at the same place, why wouldn't you play the loud music at the club and let the bar to chat and have some drinks with friends?

Also the Metal groups often ruin the night, giving you a headache.

It would be nice to have a small area for people who do not smoke, even if we all are at the same place it would make a small difference.

The food quality improved a lot, the pizzas now taste amazing, but the burgers are getting smaller and smaller, and the fries can be counted with one hand.

Another annoying thing is the Chinese people coming there just to play pool without spending a single RMB.

Overall, probably best place in Kunming to hang out with friends, but needs some improvements asap or some other places will take its place.


The place looks nice, the flavour is far from a Chinese bakery shop, it tasted very close to a real french patisserie, I had the chocolate bread and while the flavour was good, it was a bit dry, it did not taste so fresh, so for 10/12 Kuai I expected a bit better, not disappointed but not surprised.

The prices of some small cakes are a bit overpriced too.

Good bakery, hopefully the keep the prices and don't go crazy like some bakeries in Kunming asking 50 Kuai for a one bite cake.


Slice of Heaven has a great variety of Pizzas, Cakes, Hot food and Bread, the prices are okay and on friday's the 50% off makes it the best Pizza Place in Kunming.

They should be a bit careful with the cooking time for the pizza, sometimes the crust gets a bit too hard and dry.

Top Pizza place in Kunming.


I would agree on other reviews, the food is okay, the beer is good, the atmosphere is great, but everything is overpriced even on promotion days.


Tried the Pizza here and it was delicious and authentic Italian Pizza, but if you are looking for a more American Style Pizza then Cantina might disappoint you, don't expect to have 1kg beef on your beef Pizza, top 3 BEST PIZZA places in Kunming.