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Student Visas No Longer Provided

Chrispotter (8 posts) • 0

Hi guys, is there any of you having trouble to renew your student visa? are you already under the two month extension?

If the rumours are true, All current non degree foreign students from any institution (including public and private ones) are no longer entitled to apply for /renew a student visa, can anyone confirm or throw some light on the matter?

dhsantacruzdhsantacruz (1 post) • 0

that’s true, the new policy was announced in July and it was confirmed by my teacher, I’m experiencing the same situation, but don’t worry, the 2 months extension is still working. So, during this time the policy can change at any moment providing a solution with it. Let’s hope the best.

Gompo (152 posts) • 0

Good luck guys in this crazy world.

Let us raise our consciouness to more solidarity betweens humans

and solidarity with the planet and animals, animals bad treatment being probable cause of covid.

Wookster (18 posts) • 0

It started affecting people in April, in Dali anyway. They stopped giving student visas to the over 60s a bit earlier than that, then nailed down all student visas shortly after they stopped travel and closed the skies. Not sure if it's connected to the virus response, or if it's a new permanent policy. Rumours that it was going to happen had been circling for a while before it actually did.

Mildred (14 posts) • 0

If you cant get one, it's not a rumor. It is a fact. Traditionally, people don't like to say no in some cultures. More cultural awareness, yeah?

Xiefei (539 posts) • +1

@Mildred: not really adding much to the conversation there...

I haven't found any official notice, but I've been told by a few sources that the government is planning to overhaul the student visa system, and has suspended all new non-degree student visas until the new rules can be finalized.

Hopefully those who wish to continue studies can hold out on the temporary stay extensions until this is resolved.

It's quite likely that a lot of programs and private schools will lose their ability to sponsor visas, though. A lot of schools are holding their breath right now.

Mildred (14 posts) • 0

Thanks for that imput. As I said there will be no official information about it due to the ongoing circumstances and businesses holding their breath is never a good solution when income ceases or slows down. Thats one good thing about university. They teach you about economics and multicultural relationships. Shame most Uni students dont remember this stuff really especially if they went in for a Disney Relations course. Disney is huge!

So, yeah. There are no student visas for foriengers now. Maybe in 2-4 months. Up to you whether you stay or not to find out. Hope this answers the question in a more appropriate manner.

Wookster (18 posts) • 0

If there's no official information, and people are hearing different things, then what they are hearing are, in fact, rumours. As is what you just posted, so I'm not entirely sure why you've got sand in your knickers.

tunehog (4 posts) • 0

i'm in shenzhen and got a new student visa (language student) on july 26th (i'm in my 30s).

i was thinking of moving to kunming, but doing the transfer was such as hassle that i eventually decided to stay in shenzhen.

Wookster (18 posts) • 0

That's interesting, it does seem to be particularly strict in Yunnan at the moment for some reason, for other types of visas too. Are you at a university or private school?

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