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Forums > Study > Student Visas No Longer Provided

Thanks for that imput. As I said there will be no official information about it due to the ongoing circumstances and businesses holding their breath is never a good solution when income ceases or slows down. Thats one good thing about university. They teach you about economics and multicultural relationships. Shame most Uni students dont remember this stuff really especially if they went in for a Disney Relations course. Disney is huge!

So, yeah. There are no student visas for foriengers now. Maybe in 2-4 months. Up to you whether you stay or not to find out. Hope this answers the question in a more appropriate manner.

Forums > Study > Student Visas No Longer Provided

If you cant get one, it's not a rumor. It is a fact. Traditionally, people don't like to say no in some cultures. More cultural awareness, yeah?


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Yeah, I'm surprised too Kunming didn't make the top 5 at least. Beijing and Shanghai obviously on the list for salary reasons alone. More and more, I dont really see much difference in the towns and cities these days...all becoming standardized. That's globalization for you I suppose. Home is where the heart is...but yeah...Kunming is right up there as one of the best in the world.



They cannot accept foreign students for obvious reasons. You can call and get a contact to do online classess still though if they have teachers available.