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New strict dog regulations in 36 Kunming areas

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Yesterday, the Kunming City Council — in a joint notice together with other official government bureaus — announced the strict enforcement of banning of certain prohibited breeds and unregistered dogs in public spaces of certain Kunming neighborhoods.

This notice follows less than a year after new dog registration regulations were issued, in July 2019, and 12 years after the initial announcement of prohibited dog breeds and required registration for pet dogs. The latest notice is part of the wider 'Civilized Kunming' initiative and results from the evaluation of Kunming's level of civilization in the first quarter of 2020, when 'uncivilized dog breeding' became one of the focus topics. This notice divides the city into 36 so-called 'key management areas', spread out over the five districts of Kunming, where strict guidelines for dog ownership and behaviour will be enforced. The notice includes hotline phonenumbers where offenders can be reported by the public.

There are some distinctions between the regulations for different kinds of dog owners — owners of pet dogs, 'fierce' dogs, dog breeding kennels and unregisterd dogs. In this article we'll focus on registerd pet dogs. A list of 'fierce' dogs that are not allowed in urban Kunming can be found below this article. If your dog is not yet registered, please consider doing so as soon as possible.

Regulations for dogs in key management areas

It is forbidden to raise 'fierce' dogs or operate dog breeding kennels.

Dogs raised outside the key management areas may not be brought in.

As was previously stated in the regulations issued in July 2019, dogs are not allowed to enter public places such as shopping malls, restaurants, office areas, production areas, hospitals, schools and student dormitories, kindergartens and playgrounds, hotels, scenic spots, parks and other public places, cinemas, museums, libraries, exhibition centers, stadiums, clubs, amusement parks and other public places for culture and entertainment, religious areas and other places with signs that indicate that dogs are prohibited.

Owners must keep their dogs on a leash, keep it away from other people and dog poo must be cleaned up after the dog. Pet dogs have to be kept indoors, are not allowed on public transport and can only travel in a taxi with the driver's consent and when it's either wearing a muzzle or traveling in a cage.

Dogs must be registered and vaccinated.

If a person obstructs a government official from performing his duties or disturbs other people with the dog's behaviour penalties apply. If a dog causes crime, injury or death, a criminal investigation will follow.

First-time offenders who violate the regulations will receive a warning and will be ordered to make corrections. Those who refuse to make corrections shall be fined. Repeat offenders may have their dogs confiscated.

Key dog management areas

Huguo, Huashan, Daguan, Longxiang, Lianhua, Fengning, Hongyun, Heilinpu and Puji sub-districts.

Tuodong, Gulou, Donghua, Lianmeng, Jinchen, Qingyun, Ciba and Longquan sub districts.

Wujing, Taihe, Guanshang, Jinma, Guandu, Xiaobanqiao, Liujia and Yiliu sub districts.

Ma Lu, Jinbi, Yongchang, Qianwei, Fuhai, Zongshuying and Xiyuan sub-districts.


Longcheng, Luoyang, Dounan and wujiaying sub-districts.

There are furthermore key management areas in Anning, Dongchuan, Jinning, Fumin, Yiliang, Shilin, Songming, Luquan and Xundian counties.

Prohibited dog breeds

These are the types of 'fierce' dogs that are not allowed in Kunming urban areas:

An official list of 33 dog breeds now effectively banned in the five districts that make up Kunming
An official list of 33 dog breeds now effectively banned in the five districts that make up Kunming
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"Dogs raised outside the key management areas may not be brought in."

Curious how this regulation deals with people (foreigners or Chinese) who may want to move in Kunming and bring their pet dogs with...?

Here is a translation of the list of banned dogs:
1. Tibetan Mastiff
2. Bit Bullfight
3. Dogo Argentina: i
4. Brazilian Fira
5. Japanese Tosa
6. Central Asian Shepherd Dog
7. East Sichuan
8. Soviet Russian Shepherd Dog
9. German Shepherd
10. Bull head
11. Mastiff
12. Casello, Italy
13. Great Dane
14. Russian Caucasus
15. Italian twisted Boliton
16. Stafford
17. Afghan Hound
18. Boeing
19. Weimar Hound
20. Canidae
21. Blood Hunting Hound
22. Masianji
23. English Bulldog
24. Akita
25. Newfoundland dog
26. Bellingdon
27. Kelly Blue
28. Chinese Rural Dog
29. Soviet Red Dog
30. Kunming dog
31. Doberman
32. Belgian Shepherd Dog
33. Rottweiler

What's a "Kunming dog"?

A dog that can bark in 'kunming hua'. Ha.Ha.

Kunming dog.
I wandered that as well some time ago when this list came out. For me Kunming dogs are the small brown dogs that roam my neighbourhood in packs but I was mistaken.
During WWII a Chinese version of the German shepherd was bread in Kunming because there was a great need for guard dogs. So the Kunming dog is a German shepherd like dog.

Glad I left Kunming, I can enjoy my harmless Akita in the countryside.

I haven't seen any enforcing of any of this. I guess the virus is more important than rounding up dogs.

The other day I noticed a large poster with pictures of all the forbidden breeds outside a vets clinic. The Kunming dog looks identical to a German Shepherd.

I noticed as well, after a noticeable drop in day and night long barking, that the three Doberman Pinschers that were kept inside a metal bar prison near my place have disappeared.

An acquaintance of us relocated his Belgium Shepherd to his parents place in rural Yunnan.

So things are happening.

Interesting website.
But they forgot to mention that German Shepherds bark in German and Kunming Dogs in Kunming-hua.

In both cases I guess there is a ruff translation ;-)

Wander if Belgium Shepherds bark in Flemish or Walloon?

ALL dogs should be banned from apartment buildings. Houses with large gardens only. Animal Lives Matter.

well guess moving back to kunming isn't an option then. wow. people should be able to apply for permits to own the banned dogs. german shepherds are some of the most docile, family friendly dogs there are.

@Wayofthesun, yes, if brought up in a loving family. Not always the case, sad to say.

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