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@cloudtrapezer : "awful regime of rote learning, hours of homework etc" [...]

creeping in here and there under the banner of tigermumism"

Agreed, but I'd put this into context of the Chinese development stage, and go as far as cultural revolution. Chinese had a lot to catch up, and the parent/grandparent generations (quite correctly I argue) think that education is the way to go further.

Also I'd add that in first years of primary school, China's rote learning is praised even among many foreign education specialists. The youngest kids are served well by learning their alphabet and basic math that way, and independent thinking can come later.

Furthermore, to my understanding Chinese language cannot be taught (and learned) same way as many western languages, especially when it comes to reading and writing.

In this perspective even popular languages like English fall short in comparison to some other western languages that follow phonemic principle, like Spanish or Finnish.

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@Blobbles: "the Chinese Embassy in our country apparently cannot process a Hong Kong entry visa for Chinese citizens from outside the main cities"

I was under the impression, that mainland citizens can transit to/from Hong Kong with their Chinese passports, without needing the entry/exit permit.

"Holders of People’s Republic of China (PRC) passports who are in transit through Hong Kong to and from another country or territory may be granted a stay of seven days on each landing without the prior need to obtain an entry permit provided that normal immigration requirements are met, including possession of valid entry facilities for the destination and confirmed onward booking for the overseas journey."

Source: HK Immigration Department (www.immd.gov.hk/[...]

So what you could do, AFAIK, is fly from abroad to HK, and then transit to Kunming or elsewhere in mainland China.

Even if you transit to mainland, and then take the same return route, the return transit in HK would count as separate landing, so HK immigration would be fine.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Hong Kong visas for Chinese

Well, my wife's initial reaction to this trouble was to wonder why the British had to return HK to PRC at all.

It would have been easier for her to visit there with Chinese passport, which is more readily available to rural residents than the entry/exit permit.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Hong Kong visas for Chinese


Yes, Entry & Exit Administration of PSB on Tuodong Lu is the place where Chinese apply for their permits to go to Hong Kong.

To do that, they need either Kunming hukou, or the temp Kunming ID that you mentioned.

At the moment, rural residents from everywhere else in Yunnan than Kunming, can only ever get permit for tour groups. Situation is similar in other provinces that are far from HK.

It has been difficult for me to even understand what my wife's real problem in this it, but I'm getting there!

She didn't know that there are different types of Exit & Entry permits for HK visits, so she got the permits for her and our son from her hometown. We were visiting there earlier anyway, and it was certain she could apply there.

But they automatically gave permits of "group tour" type, because individual permits are not granted outside Kunming.

And then she only later found the problem with permit type.

My wife has the temp Kunming ID, and could apply for new permit for herself. So that'd be fine.

But our son, who's Kunming temp ID is being processed (and won't be ready until later in spring), cannot apply in Kunming with the bare paper receipt - which is similar to what foreigners get while waiting for their RPs being processed into their passports.

We went to airport to ask China Eastern service desk whether we could use the "tour group" permits without being in tour group, or whether buying such certificates from Taobao would work, but the person at desk said it will not work - my wife and son would really have to join a real tour group.

Our next step is to visit local PSB and ask if our son's Kunming temp ID processing could be completed faster.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Hong Kong visas for Chinese

@Debaser: Yeah, my wife mentioned something like this too - buying a document on Taobao.

But then she also found something on internet, saying that in 2017 this changed so that the certificate from travel agent would not be needed.

I'm not sure now what document exactly she was referring to.

Anyway, mainland citizens can use Chinese passport to go to Hong Kong (and stay up to 7 days), IF they have onward travel to a "third" country (or on way home). I assume you refer to that kind of document.

This is somewhat different from going to HK with Exit/Entry permit for tour groups, without actually being in such tour group.


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I was going to mention that. Also If there were (even) more dams and associated buffer lakes along the river, then those (unless already full of course) could dampen the impact of this kind of natural disasters further along the stream. But that would be man vs. nature of course, at cost of nature.

Since many Chinese tourists will not stay in Kunming, but head to more touristy places in Yunnan, I'm wondering how many will change plane at Changshui to get to their final destinations, and how many will take subway or other transport downtown and then to other travel nodes - like the high speed train terminal.

I'm thinking that for many the latter option would give a chance to see at least a bit of the provincial capital, and also some countryside from train or bus that they wouldn't catch from air.

Thus the question is, how rest of Kunming's transport system is up to take this expected increase in air passengers.

@Montaigne: The 2pm opening time in end of the advertisement refers to opening time of the original Shanghai location. This ad does not mention opening time of the Kunming location at all, but clicking to the official event calendar entry, it seems to be at 11am.

I would tend to think, that it is not easy to separate loss of cognitive performance caused directly by air pollution, and loss of same abilities indirectly by otherwise weakened other abilities (ranging from lung performance to worse sleep for example) arising from the same pollution.

Considering the wide range of parameters that may affect ones cognitive performance, it should be no-brainer to conclude that (one way or another) air pollution affects cognitive performance.

On our trips to wife's hometown in rural Baoshan, we've pretty much had to spend a night in hotel in Dali on the way, before taking a bus west to Yongping and then shared car south to rural Baoshan in the following day.

Sometimes it's a choice though, because there are friends to see in Dali - but more often necessity.

With this new train, we may be able to take early train to Dali, and have enough time to get to Yongping and to our final destination within same day.

So for us, and I believe many western Yunnanese who make way home, this will mean opportunity to skip more of Dali.


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