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Forums > Living in Kunming > Bike registered - Selling second hand

If there is not much traffic, you are right, but this is China.

In case of speeding across intersection on red light, the guy doing it will probably have caught with the rest of the scooters by the time cop gets to it.

Then there is siren, and nobody in that crowd of scooters will know who it is for (except perhaps that one violator).

"Best" case scenario is that they all start to try pulling over in limited space, and that won't be pretty.

Likely scenario is that at least some will (for whatever reason) ignore the siren, and not do that, and hit the others trying to find space to pull over. Some will no doubt take pulling over seriously enough to pull over to pedestrian lane, because there will not be space to go anywhere else.

And often there are cars around too. Will they know the siren is for scooters and not them?

I can imagine quite a chaos because of one scooter.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Earthquake just now?

In my case above, I accidentally clicked "Post" twice (because there was lag), so post appeared as duplicate, and I replaced the duplicate with the dot.


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Well, we are having minor thunderstorm right now. Earlier in the week my phone's weather forecast showed daily rain drops in Kunming from end of this week til end of eternity, Or was it just the two weeks ahead it can show.

Since this website serves foreigners (and locals) not just in Kunming but wider in Yunnan province, I wonder if something to reflect that could be arranged in regards of this PSB cooperation.

At least my personal observations of matters related to organized crime is not so much in Kunming, but outside it.

The first episode left a bit hasty picture. in my opinion in line with what Kunming is - a crossroads city to spend a day, max two, on way to other tourist sites in the province..

Personally I would have liked seeing more in depth stuff, not just the 2-3 highlights available on any travel guide.

But probably cannot do much more in few minutes show, and also why I don't epect much more from the coming episodes.

@vicar: "I know how to keep toilets clean"

In most public toilets in city (and beyond) that I have seen, they have a cleaning person stationed on the premises. I don't know know if they even go home for nights.

In many countries that alone would be considered a huge investment, but obviously not in China.


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