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Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

"business ownership, the annual income of the business must exceed 40k RMB"

Went for a second visit today, and was corrected that the figure is 400k RMB.

Also there's apparently two ways:

a) capital investment bigger than 500k USD


b) annual revenue from company > 400k RMB AND your personal annual tax contributions > 10k RMB

Forums > Living in Kunming > 5G Kunming

4G will remain best it gets for much of rural China anyway, especially in provinces like Yunnan.

I just hope the operators and manufacturers acknowledge this, instead of adding communication technological disparity to that of other economy and services in China.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Raising a child in Kunming

My observations have been, that in the past (until couple of years ago perhaps) Chinese authorities had real instructions to deal with just the simplest of foreigner related issues, and tried to navigate the rest by feeling the stones. This has realized in variable implementations across the country, each to their own interpretation of applicable laws, if any.

In my opinion one of the more vague laws is that which governs Chinese nationality and citizenship. Probably for a reason, given the political circumstances here.

In recent years this has changed. The central government has given local PSBs more detailed directives for many issues related to foreigners - in this case for children with potentially multiple citizenships, but also for foreigners' permanent residency for example.

I would think that the above reported change in policy is not so much a change of policy, but creation of common policy in place where previously there was none.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Moving to Kunming - where?

I faintly recall some article or news from Kunming about a year ago, noting that even here commercial education establishments have been kindly(?) requested to drop the "international" from their names.

It probably has more to do with penalizing false advertising, than restricting foreign early education, but the latter may be a factor too.

Maybe in comparison to coastal cities it was more welcoming years ago, but since then we've had some city administrators penalized as well.


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Not sure if this applies to Italy visas, but for many other European countries:

The Joint Visa Application Center that used to be in Beichen, is now relocated to an office building at intersection of .Shibo Road and Bojin Avenue.

New address:
1501D, Building A, Low Carbon Business Center, No. 12 Shibo Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province 650000 China


I'm not a big fan of croissants anyway, and donuts I have not found in either of the establishments you mentioned.

@Dolphin: "savouring the croissant helps to cultivate appreciation. ie appreciating simple things rather than always feeling discontent that you don't have enough"

Perhaps, but it equally helps to cultivate ignorance of all the labor that has been put into creating that experience for you. At least I would allow you to feel discontent on behalf all the people who don't have enough, whether they had part in creating the croissant or not.

I't shouldn't anymore be about what you have or don't have, but what the other 7.7 billion (minus 1) people have or don't have. That's where the musings of Buddha (as quoted above) go wrong in this day and age.

There perhaps was a time, when embracing reality same way you would savour the croissant, could have been beneficial to achieving an enlightened state of mind.

But today, many would call such view on life quite the opposite of enlightened - it could be called ignorance or covering your eyes from all that is wrong. Perhaps that's suitable in Chinese context.

There, I connected the croissant to politics.

@sezuwupom : "JanJal is living the good life [...] Igor's delivers to your door."

You forgot to mention that I recycle and care for environment, which is why I would prefer to pick up my bakeries on my way rather than have someone on scooter deliver it wrapped in plastics. Even if it would leave the plastic maker and the scooter driver jobless. They could find new jobs in Just Hot, which I keep in business.

But I wish best of luck to Igor's. If location is everything, they have some catching up to do to reach out to potential customers like they are doing in this paid review..

Went here one morning after grocery shopping in nearby Walmart.

No surprise, shelves were less than half-empty like they are in all upper scale bakeries I've visited in Kunming, specifically in the mornings before lunch.

They all seem to get stocked up few hours after lunch time, which for me is too late because I like to consume my sweets at home(=office) couple of hours after lunch, without making a separate trip for it.

Thus my staple bakeries remain from big and soulless chains like Just Hot, that have their donuts ready before 11am.


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