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Forums > Living in Kunming > Good Cosmetic Dentist

We use Berder just off Baiyun Lu subway stop for all our dental needs. They have an English-speaking dentist from Taiwan who I believe pays attention to the cosmetic outcome.

Forums > Living in Kunming > 2 Covid cases in Chengong?

Kindergarten informed today that in response to public health situation, New Year holidays (3 days) over coming weekend are cancelled, and spring/CNY holiday will start a couple weeks earlier than previously scheduled, now running 7 weeks starting Jan 8th.

Maybe applies to schools too?

Forums > Living in Kunming > 2 Covid cases in Chengong?

My wife works as teacher in an extra-curricular training center, and she told that all such establishments in Kunming are ordered to close after tomorrow, in response to the developing situation. Son's kindergarten has not informed of any closure.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Blog Reporting vs News Reporting

Whole lot of issues around that... work permits of these roving reporters to begin with, if they are getting paid in any way, and not permanent residents.

On topic of publishing in Chinese internet platforms, these are usually financed by commercial revenue whether the authors themselves get paid a dime or not. Advertisements, subscriptions, whatever.

In past when I moved on marriage visa and was working remotely for foreign employer, PSB (which I informed of the situation) very clearly worded how my work may not source direct or indirect revenue from China or create economic benefits for any Chinese company in any way.

If one posts on advertisement-driven blog site or whatever, that kind of establishes advertising revenue for the enterprise already - if your posts have any audience.

Ultimately I think it boils down to defining whether such blogging is part of normal life these days (equal to buying groceries or taking subway), or a job.

Maybe I am creating revenue for GoKunming as I write this, but I would argue that in this case I am just living the life so it's OK. If I started publishing regular blog on this site, it might not be.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Blog Reporting vs News Reporting

Depends more about content and size of audience than the medium I think, and the platform where it gets published.

If foreign internet platforms, Chinese government has limited methods to control what foreigners publish in those anyway. Whether it is innocent tourism blog or critical political commentary doesn't make much difference.

If Chinese internet platforms, no matter how innocent the content starts with, it is more about size of audience until you get flagged as a "citizen journalist" and treated accordingly. There would be room to maneuver in relevant laws to flag you as news media regardless.

Plus in the latter case I imagine there is lot of competition from local native bloggers.


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CoVid experiences possibly affecting this could could of course come from many perspectives.

For example, those who are or have been in urban lock-down, may appreciate the prospect of going out once it is over - opportunities which are perhaps different in Kunming/Yunnan, than somewhere else.

If the survey took place during or after lock-downs in China, people will acknowledge this and it would show in results more strongly than perhaps otherwise. Appreciating what the city or region can offer beside 12h work days and big bucks.

"Survey of Economic Life in China"

If this "economic" is to be taken as in affordability, then at least for me it is a major point.

If I speculate this from local perspective, last I checked the local average salary was below the monthly automatic 5000 RMB tax deduction, so average Kunming resident gets by without paying any income tax - in many other country I would probably feel satisfied if I see the city and society develop even without having to contribute to it myself by other means than my own consumption.

There isn't that much industry here, but the benefits of developing society keep trickling in anyway, and this curve (or imbalance or whatever you'd call it) will ultimately show in this kind of surveys, positively.

It is perhaps same in some more remote places, where some farmers can make a small fortune with modern technology to help them.

Also curious about when this survey was conducted - would CoVid experiences weigh in it, and how?

"Dogs raised outside the key management areas may not be brought in."

Curious how this regulation deals with people (foreigners or Chinese) who may want to move in Kunming and bring their pet dogs with...?

I'm curious whether the separate website for Lijiang means less Lijiang-specific content appearing on GoKunming. For me personally it would be double to effort to navigate two websites, which may be why I will not frequent on the Lijiang site.

So basically will the information on the two sites be mirrored so that those who only read GoKunming, may catch all/most of the content about Lijiang as well?

"support the website by making an account, asking questions in the forum, leaving reviews and using the classifieds section to find a job, sell your stuff or rent an apartment."

This (or rather what is not included in that list of to-dos) sums the criticism that I personally have toward the whole ordeal, and how GoKunming (out of no choice I understand) had to respond to it with rest of the nation.
Ask questions and increase revenue, but feel free to avoid discussing and, heaven forbid, debating anything.


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