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Replacing lost birth certificate

baiyuxiang (111 posts) • 0

Does anyone have experience replacing a lost Chinese birth certificate (for a Chinese child)?

From what I can gather, going back to the hospital where the baby was delivered will be fairly straightforward.

Our problem is that one of our sons was born at a hospital which has since closed. What government office might have the records and be able to issue a replacement birth certificate?

JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

Checking our son's birth certificate, the only reference to a government office is "National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC".

Assuming your child was born in Kunming, Google search for local office of same nature brings up "Kunming City Maternal and Child Health Hospital" at 5 Huashan West Rd, Kunming.

It is also listed as "Kunming Municipal Service Center for Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning". They should at least know where to go, if cannot handle your case themselves.

baiyuxiang (111 posts) • 0

Thank you! Calling around it seems that the fact that a hospital "looks closed" is not the same thing as being completely shuttered. The government office instructed us to start by returning to the hospital.

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