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An English Corner for the Curious - Host Dwight


We're on a roll! The "English Corner Class for the Curious" this Sunday will show you how to easily, respectfully, and effectively make requests. And, just as importantly, how to easily, respectfully, and effectively say "no." We'll also have room for sharing and discussion. Whether you're a first-timer or you're joining us again, this Sunday will be a blockbuster. Come on!

Awesome bonus: If you stay 15-20 minutes after the class (which will end between 4:30-4:45 PM), I'll take you into my world of VR where I can't wait to exercise (play) everyday. And you'll understand why!

我们的课程正在如火如荼地进行中!本周日的 "好奇者的英语角课程 "将告诉你怎样带着尊重有效地提要求,而且很简单。也会告诉你另外一件同样重要的事,即如何带着尊重有效地说 "不",同样很简单。我们还有分享和讨论。无论你是第一次来,还是再次加入我们,这个星期天都将是一场大戏。来吧!


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Tongde Kunming Plaza • Intersection of Beijing Lu and Baiyun Lu (northwest corner)