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Successfully applied for a PO box at a local Toudiju (投递局). Somehow managed to get it for free (went with a friend who already had a PO box). Other's have obtained them by subscribing to a Chinese newspaper from a Toudiju, or paying a small (~5Y) monthly fee.

They gave me a small key. I've regularly received mail and small packages there. Larger packages get stuck at the Beijing Rd office.

Amazon.com ships there, but a few years ago Amazon required that I provide a local's ID card name and number.

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r/9 Note that the bar-coded photos are available elsewhere throughout the city, although in my experience the Tuodong lu office is cheapest.


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I've only been there once, but the food seemed decent, and the yak-butter tea did not come with any of the retching afterwards which is often associated with the brew...


I've been going to their shop occasionally (whenever I need a major repair/overhaul) since 10 years ago. To sum it up, they treat their customers' bikes like their own! Great care and attention to detail combined with professional skills equals a great bike shop.