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Lao land border crossing

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I did it two days ago. It was a bit off a nightmare because the visa centre can't handle the thousands of chinese tourists coming every day. After a week or two it may calm down though.

If you do go it's quite likely you may miss the 3pm fast train from boten so prepare for it (I'd recommend a taxi/shared car to luang nam tha which is infinitely nicer than boten which is a hell hole,.and you can take the fast train the next day around 12.30) you could make the earlier 12.15 fast train from boten but you'd need to stay a night in xishuangbanna to make it.

Visa fees are cheaper and easier in US dollars which can be easily changed in Kunming. Also best to have a passport photo for the form or you'll be charged more to scan your passport.

If you are trying to make the 3pm train don't take the 5yuan bus from the Mohan station. Take a taxi directly. It saves crucial minutes to avoid the big queue that may be awaiting. Queue (read scrample) for booth 1. Booth 2 is only for collection. You have to go to booth 1 first. It's very chaotic. A couple of fights nearly broke out. Good times. Boten has almost zero facilities. No toilet. Dust. Dust. And more dust. There are a couple of hotels but really better to go straight to luang nam tha where there is no dust and cheaper and better guesthouses and food.

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