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Covid has taken a toll on small bakeries, like many other small shops that have fallen indefinitely.

Good news is Kunming bread-making techniques have evolved over the past decade. Even one particular Jiahua (Joy) Bakery on 光华街 (50 meters west of McDonald's) near Zhengyi Fang are rocking a variety of commendable European bread in taste and texture to compete with Just Hot. Supposedly this Jiahua branch hired a prolific baker from Taiwan to teach the local crew here.

Hema (Hippo Supermarket) bakery at B1 of 顺城 (ShunCheng Shopping Center) consistently churn out multigrain wheat-rye-oats w/ sesame and seeds resembling German bread.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Hekou land border crossing

On a related subject. No covid test seems to be what I'm hearing for Chinese travelers returning from Laos via the high speed rail train. Vacation trips to Laos have been buzzing on social media. Only a four-hour trip via the high speed rail from Kunming. Visa on arrival costs over 250 rmb, which is a bit more than applying at the Laos embassy in Kunming (reached via mrt), but the queues may gey hectic at the port.

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For DaveKM and AlPage transiting at Bangkok to other destinations should be exempted from providing proof of vaccination and insurance. Though check with your airlines regarding covid testing. The bigger hospitals in Kunming may provide printed English test results if need be.

The Thai Embassy updated the following notice just an hour ago:[...]

"Highlights of New Thailand Travel Restrictions starting January 9, 2023 at 1:00AM

Airline passengers the age of 18 year or older must provide the following:

1. Proof of Vaccination OR a letter from a doctor stating you have recovered from COVID-19 within the last 180 days.
2. Proof of Insurance

(if traveling onward to another country whereupon a PCR or ATK is required for entry).

You can buy the recommended insurance here: Thailand Travel Insurance.

Passengers who are unvaccinated must prepare a letter from a doctor specifying as to why they are not vaccinated.

Exempted persons:
1. Thai Nationals
2. Foreign Nationals with Thai government social insurance required for Work Permit
3. Passengers who are transiting at the airport


More details about the new Thailand Travel Restrictions:


> Proof of vaccination required (Thai Ministry of Health Approved vaccine list) or obtain the letter from the doctor i.e. recovery from COVID-19 or medical reason for not receiving a COVID vaccine.

> Recommended: Health Insurance which covers medical expenses while in Thailand.

However, health insurance is mandatory for passengers traveling on to another country where PCR or ATK is required.

> Recommended to take an ATK test prior to your departure and also during your stay if you feel unwell.

Book your hotel stays at SHA+ hotels in Thailand.


> Self protection such as wearing masks in crowded areas, frequent hand washing, and the practice of social distancing.

> If you feel unwell, please visit a hospital.

Last updated: January 8, 2023 at 3:15 PM"

Here are other websites that posted on the changes of entry rules:[...][...]

"The civil aviation authority also released a list of 16 Covid-19 vaccines that are accepted for entering Thailand as of Jan 6.

They include one dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine, two doses of AstraZeneca, two doses of Moderna, two doses of Pfizer or three doses of Anhui Zhifei Logcom."

Forums > Living in Kunming > Living with CoVid-19

JanJal is correct. It may depend on airlines. AlPage48, you should check with your airline carrier again a few days prior to your flight to Thailand to avoid complications.

The airlines may also notify you the possible requirements for passengers to show proof of at least two covid vaccinations and health insurance (en route to final destination where PRC is required), along with the 48-hour negative covid test (more so from holders of Chinese passports).

Thailand's ministry of public health seems to be strategically obtuse... safeguarding its borders while treading carefully not to offend China and the influx of Chinese travellers expected to help boost their travel industry.

For those somewhat in the dark, in one Kunming residential compound alone that I know of, 13 have already died from Covid-related illnesses. Major hospitals in Kunming are busy. It takes months just to make an appointment for a CT scan. This is why some nations and companies are playing it safe prior to the lunar new year.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Living with CoVid-19

Announced yesterday, for those (like AlPage48) leaving for Bangkok/Thailand for transfers, a 48-hour negative test result (in English) may be required for travellers from Kunming.


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Good news. Starting next Wednesday on March 15, passengers can book tickets for the Laos-China Railway on their mobile devices (via the "LCR Ticket" app, available on Play store or Apple).

Currently, reserving train seats for the Laos' rail portion have been hectic as local scalpers have dominated the station queues, reselling train seats to Luang Prabang at double or triple rates.[...]

To update, passenger high speed rail trains connecting from Kunming into Laos have begun since earlier this year... and runs further into Luang Namtha, Oudomxay, Luang Prabang (an UNESCO World Heritage-listed town), and Vientiane provinces.

A good post on places to visit along the way:[...]

Recent talks with Thailand-Laos rail network cross-border connections from Vientiane:[...]

Although Omicron has already been ripping through Kunming, the word is that the fourth vaccine, in the aerosol form of inhalable or spray, may be rolling out in Yunnan for the general public at the end of the month or the next.

I hope prior to lunar new year, the more vulnerable elderly in rural outskirt villages, where health services are relatively dearth, will also have access to these updated vaccines when they congregate in town markets every five days during traditional "ganji" to sell their homegrown produce.

Update: Kunming Metro Line 9 (construction period '22 to '26), Line 8, and Line 7; Anning Line, Songming Line have new progress

"Yesterday (March 15), the website of the Kunming Development and Reform Commission publicly released 380 key projects (excluding real estate projects) to be implemented in Kunming in 2022, including 200 projects under construction and 140 newly started projects. There are 40 preliminary projects, and the preliminary work is carried out as planned.

In the list of these project schedules, we have been concerned about the Kunming Metro Line 6 Phase III, Line 7, Line 8, Line 9, Anning Line, Songming Line and other rail transit projects.

Among these key projects under construction in the investment plan, the urban rail transit has Line 5, the second phase of Line 2, the northwest extension of Line 1, and the parking lot of Line 8 (Huayugou parking lot).

(chart in Chinese)[...]

Key newly-started investment projects include Kunming Rail Line 9 Project, Line 6 Phase III Project, and Rail Transit Guangwei Da Driving and Repairing Base.

(chart in Chinese)[...]

In addition, regarding the Kunming rail transit project, the municipal key preliminary projects in 2022 include the engineering track Line 7, Songming Line, Line 8, Anning Line, etc."

(chart in Chinese)[...]



Line 9 (Dabanqiao North – Shizhaishan):

Stations: Dabanqiao North – Dabanqiao – Guolin Reservoir – South Railway Station (Bailongtan) – Jingming South Road – Xiazhuang (Yunnan University) – Chenggong University Town (Radio&Television University) – Yuanbao Village — Radio&Television Media – Jinmapu – Park North Road – Baiyun Village – Jincheng North – Industrial Park – Jincheng – Jincheng South – Zhonggui Village – Shizhaishan

Line 8 (Longquan Road – Fubao East):

Stations: Longquan Road (Shabaying) – Xiaokang Avenue – Linyu bridge – Kunqu High-Speed – Chuanjin Road – Expo Garden – Bailong Temple — Southwest Forestry University – Jinsha Community – Taiping Village – Juhua Overpass – East Railway Station – Guanshang Forest Park – Hongchang West Road – Sanjia Village – Changhong Guangfu – Dingjia Village – Wujiatang Wetland Patrk – Fubao East

Line 7 (Puji Overpass – Qidian):

Stations: Jipu Overpass – Northwest Bus Station – Datangzi –Heilinpu – Changyuan Middle Road – Shagouwei – Nanya – Tianjiadi – Qianxing Road – Dashanghui – Guannan Guangfu – Changhong Guangfu – Century City West – Guandu Ancient Town – Sports City South – Guangwei – Dashuitian – Guolin Reservoir – Qidian



For a limited time until June 26, 2022, the 66th top floor observatory will be open to public for free. Visiting hours: 14:00 - 21:00, weekends and holidays. One of the best breathtaking views of the cityscape. Great for family. Below the skyscraper is intersection of MRT Line 3 (pink) with Line 2/1.


For those following the tragic saga of the baby calf elephant (born at Kunming Zoo), who was forcibly separated from its mother to perform as solo act elsewhere for profit, there's finally some good news. After months of social media uproar and complaints over the cruel treatments of the calf in tears during training in leaked vids, the calf is soon returning back to our local zoo. The visibly depressed mother and calf will soon be reunited after a brief quarantine period. One extra star for the zoo for adhering to the voices of the public. A step in the right direction. More compassion for our animal friends in captivity.