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Forums > Living in Kunming > owners association?

Infiltration for spying or comraderie sabotage is bound to happen in these WeChat groups when money is involved.

Screening process as group head (群主) endowing banning privileges is at one's disposal. Over time, the real owners will differentiate themselves from infiltrators. The branching out to a separate subgroup for private discussions with regulars who've earned their badges would naturally occur. The main Wechat group would intentionally be kept. Strategic ambiguity and misinformation would be released to previous discussion group to mislead prying eyes.

In the good, the bad, and the ugly analogy, Junfa and developers like Vanke are among "the good." Positioning themselves as the more responsible companies, they'd try to maintain positive after-sales koubei as one of selling points for long-term competitive advantage in the housing market. They may address plumbing and flooding within the residences' apartment, even as warranty period (房屋保修期) expires after the post-delivery window.

If newer phase development is ongoing, beyond the current unsold apartments, developers and their property management arms would capitulate more to owners' complaints. Inspections pending need to be passed, so developers in these situations may bend further to be in local governments' good graces. Making complaints to 经开区 have more bite in these circumstances.

As long as potential customers' beaten path to the 样品屋 show room is beautified, lesser developers focusing soely on near-term transactions wouldn't bother fixing internal problems unseen by unsuspecting buyers strolling into premises with cursory glances.

In older compounds where projects have been completed, summoning 市长热线 (mayor's office) in some cases wouldn't be enough to pressure the bad and the ugly ones to right their wrongs. Tough ordeal hunting down companies that went under.

Perhaps 诉讼 (litigation) would be an option if all else fails. Legal fees in Yunnan are much cheaper than those in Shanghai, but would increase incrementally per owner/client participation.

Rowdy demonstrations by owners are less favorable these days, though a last resort for older generations. Being a foreigner involved in these ruckus may spare you from a local police arrest if push comes to shove during an all out protest. Locals are treated more harshly than foreigners in the event authorities come to shut down the "social unrest." Testing this out is probably not recommended in these volatile times.

Forums > Living in Kunming > owners association?

业主群 for your particular compound may be found on WeChat social circles.

You would have more chances of finding owners association on WeChat if residential communities are larger and newer. Recent buyers have more to gripe about en masse after rushed deliveries by developers (to avoid accruing penalties from breach of contract).

Such relatively younger owners are keen to search each other out for strength in numbers.

One caveat is the most vocal "leaders" of the pack, or those with legal background, would be sought out by the opposition for pacification in private.

The grim reality of these owner associations is that personal benefits would be sought by the few over the good of the collective when given the opportunity to choose. It's not always a zero sum game in the Mainland when bilateral negotiations are concerned for multiple parties.

Start a virtual owners association on WeChat as 群主 if you can't find an existing one. Participants gradually increase in numbers as online group discussions of how your developer or property management suck. Eventually the WeChat community of 12 angry owners may morph into actual physical encounters. Nothing like sharing common goals and a common enemy to unite total strangers.

For older residential compounds, regulars who are often seen exercising in the public spaces may have formed clusters of their own cliques to address matters with the property management pertaining to resolving their specific needs. Accost them at your own discretion.

Property management fees may include 维修金 (renovation fund) which property management allegedly uses to fix things like elevators, or repair the cosmetics of common areas. If their books aren't transparent, 物业 may skimp regular servicing to pocket more profit.

That's when you and your fellow compatriots threaten them with #12345 national hotline complaints, or with the local 经开区, if initial protests failed to reap results. The developer of your community may still operate your property management in-house, or under a separate business entity if not outsourced/contract out. Know thy enemy.

Owners association are feared by property management, so naturally they won't navigate you to a congregation of owners to protest against them.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Wechat/Alipay changes starting 3-1-2-2022

From Caixin Global piece, in response to how migrant workers and street vendors may be affected:

"... it could be difficult to impose them on street vendors due to their concerns about inconvenience and taxation, industry insiders said."

Normal English writing below discussing the new regulations issued by the Central Bank, not a machine translation:[...]


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