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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Road from Lijiang to Shangrila

To piggyback michael's post, currently there appears to be gov. agencies in Yunnan promoting domestic travel. 20% discounts on rail fares and Qunar app has been offering generous air promotions (via "manghe" chance boxes), perhaps with subsidies, such as FREE one-way flights (excluding airport tax) from Kunming to Tengchong. That's a savings of 300-400 rmb. Otherwise, high speed rail may take 4 hours to reach Baoshan with additional two hours in bus/car travel time to reach Tengchong in a ~430 km journey near the border.

Because you specifically mentioned hot springs, the geothermal hot spring and geyser scene in the volcanic fields of Tengchong (just 40 km from Myanmar) is touted as being one of the best in Mainland China, let alone in Yunnan. Definitely something to look into if you're fond of onsen.

Btw, I may have made a mistake in my previous post. The new rail from Lijiang to Shangrila may turn out to be a high speed rail after all given the short travel time of one hour or so.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Road from Lijiang to Shangrila

The new Lijiang to Shangri-la rail opens this month. Regular train rail, currently not for HSR.

Spanning a distance of 139km with 13 stations, the word is the views in certain sections are spectacular.

This new rail line offers additional transportation avenue for reaching the popular Tiger Leaping Gorge and Haba Snow Mountain.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

@JanJal To reiterate, Kunming residents leaving Yunnan to other cities are placed in quarantine. Whether this policy will strictly be enforced is another issue.

Contrary to @Caeruleus' post, i've heard issues for intra-province travel for cities within Yunnan depending on which high-risk area within Kunming one departed from.

@livinginchina My understanding is Anning's covid situation is also serious as some factories were under lockdown. Hope your brother-in-law caught a big fishy.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

Kunming now over 40 cases. Being monitored are >1,000 primary risk contacts, ~3,000 secondary at-risk contacts.

Kunming residents arriving in other provincial cities will be quarantined.

Travelers from Tibet, Sichuan, and Guizhou arriving in Kunming will be quarantined for 7 days.

Some good news: international flights from Kunming to HK and Bangkok have resumed after over two-year hiatus.


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Informative piece, Pieter!

Look. Who is that sitting in the shade under a lone milk tree in Milk Lake?

It's "dog for a day"... your furry protector companion!

Limestone is often the oasis mirage of snow on Jade Dragon.

Quite a few hikers would get lost in mountains of Yunnan over the years. Notable search & rescues hit recent news which didn't end well. Understandable park officials would frown at those who stray off beaten path.

Below are pictures and updates on the upcoming renovation of Green Lake (North Gate area) where the original Jingzheng Academy once stood. Currently a massive empty lot devoid of life walled off from pedestrians.

For those wondering about the fate of those lush greens that once grew there (45 trees such as ginkgo biloba, sweet-scented osmanthus, and pseudo-particulate magnolia):

"According to the seedling transplant plan and the new landscape design plan reviewed and approved by experts, 30 seedlings (20 ginkgo and 10 osmanthus) are tentatively scheduled to be moved back to the original site of Cuihu, and the seedlings will first be transplanted to the Daxing seedling plant in Yiliang County, Kunming City for management., after the terrain of the Cuihu project is completed, it will be transported and transplanted at the corresponding location of the site according to the project landscape plan.

The 15 seedlings (4 ginkgo, 1 sweet-scented osmanthus, 3 fishtail sunflowers, and 5 pseudo-singular magnolias) that are not used in the landscape design plan will be permanently transplanted to the greening area of Wuhua District. Sirloin Nursery."

Planning photos:[...][...][...][...]




For a limited time until June 26, 2022, the 66th top floor observatory will be open to public for free. Visiting hours: 14:00 - 21:00, weekends and holidays. One of the best breathtaking views of the cityscape. Great for family. Below the skyscraper is intersection of MRT Line 3 (pink) with Line 2/1.


For those following the tragic saga of the baby calf elephant (born at Kunming Zoo), who was forcibly separated from its mother to perform as solo act elsewhere for profit, there's finally some good news. After months of social media uproar and complaints over the cruel treatments of the calf in tears during training in leaked vids, the calf is soon returning back to our local zoo. The visibly depressed mother and calf will soon be reunited after a brief quarantine period. One extra star for the zoo for adhering to the voices of the public. A step in the right direction. More compassion for our animal friends in captivity.