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Juicy thread.

Depending on residential communities, some would unfortunately skimp on periodic water disinfection.

Property management, which you pay an annual fee to, may post advance bulletin notices to prepare residents of the scheduled shut down of central tw in the compound for disinfection, usually lasting a few hours.

If it helps alleviate your concerns @bub, even just a tad, perhaps reach out to your pm to check if they are on on top it.

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GoK is in a way the sail carried by the wind. Wind is not created independently, but by the top down pressures and temperatures of its surrounding.

Steering the sail admist the storm requires patience. Comrades have fallen off the dinghy. Some have drifted back on deck. Those remaining are still afloat, adapting to the ever-changing tides.

As Darwin would attest, survival of the fittest isn't necessarily being the smartest, strongest, or fastest... but ones most adaptive to changes in the environment, as the word fit would imply.

Geezer, we're glad you're living the Shawshank Redemption storybook ending.


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For a limited time until June 26, 2022, the 66th top floor observatory will be open to public for free. Visiting hours: 14:00 - 21:00, weekends and holidays. One of the best breathtaking views of the cityscape. Great for family. Below the skyscraper is intersection of MRT Line 3 (pink) with Line 2/1.


For those following the tragic saga of the baby calf elephant (born at Kunming Zoo), who was forcibly separated from its mother to perform as solo act elsewhere for profit, there's finally some good news. After months of social media uproar and complaints over the cruel treatments of the calf in tears during training in leaked vids, the calf is soon returning back to our local zoo. The visibly depressed mother and calf will soon be reunited after a brief quarantine period. One extra star for the zoo for adhering to the voices of the public. A step in the right direction. More compassion for our animal friends in captivity.