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We are happy to announce that through our partnership with the government of Lijiang, CloudBridge — Media by Design is debuting a new English-language web platform focused solely on travel in Lijiang Prefecture. While this region of northwest Yunnan has long been a magnet for both international and domestic backpackers and globetrotters, well-organized and accessible web-based content has often been difficult to find.

Introducing: Destination Lijiang

To address the shortage of information, we have created Destination Lijiang, a website incorporating much of the functionality featured on GoKunming. All of our article archives pertaining to the endless travel opportunities in Lijiang are included, as is our business directory of resorts, hotels, guesthouses, hostels, restaurants and nightlife options.

In addition, we've created a section called 'Destinations' that focuses on the gorgeous natural destinations of the prefecture, as well as the myriad cultural highlights and captivating old towns. We've included some of our favorite photos of these places while also explaining the historical, cultural and artistic relevance of a given destination.

Lijiang travel guide and tours

Destination Lijiang is work in progress, and we will continue to implement and update its functionality, appearance and depth. The next step is to finalize the information in the Destination Lijiang travel guide that will appeal to both those with a passing interest in the prefecture, as well as old China hands who have called Yunnan home for years.

As we are expanding the travel guide, we'll also begin rolling out tours. This section features customizable trips for individuals or groups, and also out-of-the-box itineraries that cater to the creature comforts. Our partners for the tour section share CloudBridge's commitment to providing eco-friendly tourism and adventure travel options that are educational, culturally sensitive and unforgettable.

Promote your business with us

Do you have a restaurant, a hotel or a bar in Lijiang? Are you a tour guide? Please get in touch and list your business or your tour on Destination Lijiang — it's free! Contact us through the contact form or email vera [at] gokunming [dot] com and we'll make sure you can be found on Destination Lijiang.

Your feedback

As this is a beta version, we encourage GoKunming users to log into Destination Lijiang with their existing accounts, explore a bit and send any feedback you'd like to us through the contact form or to vera [at] gokunming [dot] com. You can report bugs the same way.

Items in the destinations and business listings are all fully reviewable and 'likeable'. If you've been to any one or many of these places, we'd love to hear what your experience was like. Thanks in advance to everyone for their time and input. We'll be working behind the scenes to make Destination Lijiang as user-friendly and indispensable as possible.

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I'm curious whether the separate website for Lijiang means less Lijiang-specific content appearing on GoKunming. For me personally it would be double to effort to navigate two websites, which may be why I will not frequent on the Lijiang site.

So basically will the information on the two sites be mirrored so that those who only read GoKunming, may catch all/most of the content about Lijiang as well?


Articles posted on GoKunming that have a 'Lijiang' tag will automatically be posted to the Destination Lijiang. Visitors to the Destination Lijiang website basically see GoKunming articles, and GoKunming readers won't have to visit the Destination Lijiang website because the articles appear on GoKunming too.

Nice - just popped over to the site - and also logged in with my gokm userid - so that was nice (not having to re-register).

The summary of scenic sites in gallery format is a nice touch. Vivid.

And the Do's and Don'ts section was nice to read as a reminder, but I expected more information on how to be a desirable tourist from the local perspective (aside from buying lots of souvenirs and pictures etc).

@michael2015 Thank you! That's a good tip, we'll continue to update the travel guide so we'll take your comment on board.

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