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Forums > Study > Trump VS. The Resistance

Actually, the US military doesn't like wars - they like FUNDING. Wars spend money on soldiers, bullets, fuel, logistics & transportation - operationally ludicrously expensive.

The US military loves its R&D budgets...so expect NOT to see more wars, but more military budget (wars to follow)...

Forums > Study > Trump VS. The Resistance

LOTS of things bother me. Definitely poked that button and since I'm always in a procrastination mood...

The US electoral system (as I understand it with my limited and weak mentality) was implemented (allegedly) as part of the US systems of checks & balances, I suppose it's a check against popular vote but I never really understood the reason for that (wikipedia, here I come!).

What has always bothered me about the US system of democracy - is a bunch of yahoos (like myself) who know little to nothing about leadership, choosing leaders. This is akin to a group of juveniles choosing parents - whoever feeds me ice-cream, let's me play video games until I'm blind, sleep whenever I want, wake whenever I want, DO whatever I want - this is how I view the elect of today.

I sincerely doubt the majority of voting americans EVER follow their elected officials' websites, blogs, or newsletters, so in a bizarre way - POTUS Trump has electrified the presidency...somewhat.

US democracy is renowned for its style and system of popular vote - but this is all predicated on the assumption that citizens are mature adults, research and debate topics and candidates, and vote responsibly.

What has become eminently manifest over the decades, are votes for short term gratification and self serving programs as opposed to continuous, sustainable development, hence the current epic successes, epic failures, and epic confusions of the system, depending on one's definition of success and failure.

From a remote perspective - the US system of democracy has devolved into petty bickering and polarizing national disunity which neuters any attempts at progress.

US elected officials look more like immature petty argumentative vindictive social malcontents as opposed to community and national leaders, role models for america's youth, the world, and the future.

These are the people, mind you - also dictating global policy with the most powerful military and financial systems in the world. I see something seriously wrong with that also. A bunch of immature vindictive incorrigible selfish juvenile delinquents in control of military and economic policy, impacting global affairs. That doesn't just bother me, it terrifies me. POTUS Trump - I'm not sure, but am willing to give that guy the benefit of the doubt, simply because the media is hammering him. I distrust western media as it's more like propaganda rags these days.

The USA of today demonizes Iran - but we forget (US of Amnesia) we supported a brutal repressive regime in that nation for decades (actually, generations). Al Qaida is our enemy and a global terrorist organization - how soon we forget - trained, by the CIA. So, yeah...I'd like to see what Trump can do. His kids - pretty good kids, despite his wealth (and we won't discuss his eminently capable trophy wives over the years). He's NEVER been convicted of corruption or bribery despite being in the hotel, casino, and entertainment business - and THAT's seriously impressive.

As for @peter99 posting on the gokm forums - gokm doesn't state any particular preferences - aside from decorum.

Personally, I miss JJ & Janet.

Forums > Study > Trump VS. The Resistance

Actually, I've always wanted a POTUS with more business sense, to see if he could begin to rectify some of the economic insanities in the US gov.

The USA is the wealthiest nation by GDP in the world - yet poverty increased year on year, college education is astronomically expense, the nation generally doesn't have healthcare for everyone (kind a socialist agenda, but...hey), and it's infrastructure is aging into decay to name just a few of the many economic issues. No high speed rail (probably thanks to airline industry lobbying) and our embassy fees are ludicrously expensive...for the wealthiest nation in the world.

I don't know if POTUS Trump is "that guy", but I'm willing to give him the opportunity of 4 years (assuming he can last that long), to see if he can push that behemoth nation in a more economically and socially responsible direction - and maybe even benefit the environment.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where would you go next?

When I was in Uni in the USA - many of my classmates were vietnamese boat refugees. The EU and other allies (Australia, Canada) took most of the academic elite - the USA (according to my Vietnamese refugee body) were the peasants (although he could speak english, so go figure). Most lived extremely spartan lives - although many had nominal tuition assistance - but they still had to pay for apartments and food. Some were so poor, they couldn't even afford to buy toilet paper (a luxury for them).

Within that single generation, all my classmates graduated in various academic disciplines and went on to become professionals, doctors, lawyers, etc ad infinitum. Not one dropped out or quit. They all studied relentlessly (some cheated), definitely they all worked together, supported each other, and all graduated - so except for the a-hole I worked for (PhD), all Vietnamese in general have my utmost respect as hard working and diligent.

So all this USA crap about racial discrimination, unfair this & unfair that...maybe has roots - but based on my classmates with dubious english skills - STFU, quit complaining, buckle down and get through school (although USA universities now prohibitively expensive), put back into your communities, discourage if not stomp on crime, work on family unity, parental responsibility...and then complain about unfair this and unfair that...


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It's no prob...I was actually amused. The leadoff reminded me of Chevy Chase's famous news skits on SNL (Jane, you ignorant....). Apologies for goading you into a massive response. Out of respect, I read it all and concur - but...kids will be kids...sometimes, they just gotta learn things the hard way, in the real world.

As for the professional project management comment - I was commenting on the PM process, not the extraordinarily polarizing debatable aspects of mandatory PE for emerging adults. The university exhibited the core PM processes - which I find unusual with most government organizations and officials (to include USA - not familiar with the shenanigans of other governments, so no opinions there).

Dear satyrical bloke
Perhaps it's the brevity of internet blogs - however thank you for broadly insinuating publicly I'm a failure as a parent, based on a singular vague and unimplemented opinion. I'm guessing my personal opinion must have been highly inflammatory to elicit such a highly inflammatory comment.

As a parental failure - I'll use any and all tools available to guide my children towards being self-sustaining, productive, ethical, moral, and responsible citizens of society. If the kids refuse to study at home, do their home chores, are addicted to their digital devices, disrespectful - I'll put them in boarding school jails, where they're forced to study under someone else's oppressive eye, digital devices are forbidden or destroyed, physical daily exercise is mandatory, and their every living and waking moment is controlled.

If university trained/prepared professional life isn't desirable to them, I'll try to guide them into sustainable vocational careers, to include military service.

As a parental failure, I'm also of the opinion that my primary duty is not to be my children's best friend, although perhaps that will come with time and maturity (from both parties - parent AND child) - but to prepare them for a responsible self sustainable life without me, fiscal, environmental, and social responsibility.

We never know how long we can breathe and wander the earth - so yes, I'm absolutely a chronic failure as a parent - better than some - worse than others. So I strive to "parent" with "a sense of urgency".

Incredibly astute of you to pick ascertain my chronic and pervasive failure as a parent, based on a singular, as yet unimplemented opinion of mandatory physical education with a stated and measurable performance metric.

On that note - the university was incredibly amazing in stating and implementing this specific requirement. It showed some potentially incredible project management skills as opposed to the typically vague management directives.


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