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Forums > Living in Kunming > Applying for Visa from America w a Criminal Record

Don't do it. This is China, NOT the USA. Criminal penalties here are more severe than the standard US practice of catch and release.

Also - generally speaking - the police won't understand as generally when you're charged with a crime in Asia - it's usually a foregone conclusion that you're actually guilty and the trial is more of a sentencing and punishment venue.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming FRAUD

Congrats on dodging that bullet. If you've NEVER done business in China - you absolutely need a 3rd party proxy partner to help with due diligence. ANY of the law firms on this site can help you execute due diligence for a nominal fee (usually around CNY 5k ~ USD/EUR 700.

If your firm cannot afford the due diligence fee - you absolutely cannot afford to do business here.

Also - be aware - as a foreigner, most local firms triple or more their basic rates - so that CNY 5k due diligence fee - you should expect a price-gouging attorney to initially solicit CNY 15k or even more. Blacklist those kinds of firms.


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There were no losers in this annual award. Each nominee provides excellent venues. It would be nice if Gokm (hint hint) posted a list of the nominees also...and as an added compensated or not benefit - each nominee and winner could then post the Gokm award or nomination logo on their review sites in the Gokm listings (added revenues for Gokm, to help offset updates and enhanced or new features...just a suggestion.

Congrats to Thomas and Alliance Francais on the long haul to re-introduce the presence of French culture to this province. Let's hope it's followed by mutually beneficial economic relationships.

France has exceptionally strong agricultural bases, so that'd be a great first step, followed by Airbus, France Telecom, etc.



Steak Burrito - actually enough for two people - great steak - great burrito. Thank you for continuing to provide great food and a ludicrously diverse menu.


Chicken Caesar Salad - excellent. And...no smoking inside. Will try the bread and breakfasts next.


Love this place - great food, great cappuccinos, great service, great location, and on a good day like today - green lake was a ghost town - peaceful, quiet, almost like a private garden courtyard. I'll secretly have my wife spread my ashes here when I die.