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Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreigner children attend local primary school?

Our kids (dual nationals) are US Citizens and all have been blocked from attending local schools.

The principal told us have the consulate or embassy write a letter to the education bureau requesting assistance and as long as space (as per JanJal noted above) is available - they can be admitted.

Only problem with this process - the US Consulate American Citizen Services refused to write the letter. They'll fly out to ensure a convicted drug dealer and terrorist is treated well - but writing a letter requesting equilateral and equivalent support for the children of US citizens is apparently impossible.

Not particularly pleased or impressed with US Citizen Services...or my perceived lack of.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming FRAUD

Many government officials and companies also use public email in west china. Having one's own domain name, website, and mail servers are still a relatively new thing out west.


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In some cases, government officials and departments get government funds as grants, loans, copay/cost share agreements, then either can't or won't spend the funds - so they try to "sit on them" until they utilize them favorably. We can't actually judge them to be wrong, lazy, or irresponsible - as we don't really understand why they couldn't spend the funds.

Regardless - discovering funds that were allocated and then perhaps "moved around" to make it look as though they're being utilized but are in reality merely funding "other" things - is an illegal and fraudulent practice in other developed that may not currently be illegal in China.

The Chinese internet may have lit up - but the fact still remains - what he said is probably true - otherwise we'd have seen a mass exodus from WeChat, Alipay, and Baidu.

As for the government ranking systems - it's a social engineering experiment designed to test cultural and behavioral engineering on a grand scale. Don't like it - go offline and off-grid and start prepping a la US preppers (prepare - preparing for the breakdown and implosion of government and society - bunkers, arms, supplies, self sufficient compounds etc.

This regulation, as stated here, is for government officials and employees of state owned enterprises only. It has no bearing on normal people. While I'm personally ambivalent about the rules - it is definitely the government's continuing attempt to quell rampant, pervasive, and apparently generational corruption. That's a tough rodent or cockroach to control.

In most developed nations - they continuously make laws, mostly for people who don't obey laws, flagrantly circumvent laws, or even use laws for legalized corruption - this law however seems to have teeth - as flagrantly displaying wealth is a discipline violation. Un-flagrantly displaying wealth and influence is a separate matter.

For example - in the above case - the limit was allegedly 200 people - so the solution is simply to have 10 separate banquets - to host your village of 2,000 people. Other alternatives - sponsor large legally recognized celebrations (such as water splashing or fire festivals) and have your public banquet under those kinds of blanket covers.

For every law - there are always infinitely many ways to circumvent or abuse laws - been that way for aeons.

So support the government's attempts at anti-corruption or support corrupt government officials and corrupt employees of state owned enterprises. I detest corruption - so I favor the former, hope it works, but suspect it will merely drive the corruption underground and only capture the truly stupid.



Love this place - great food, great cappuccinos, great service, great location, and on a good day like today - green lake was a ghost town - peaceful, quiet, almost like a private garden courtyard. I'll secretly have my wife spread my ashes here when I die.