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Forums > Living in Kunming > Diarrhea issues

I've heard that it's frequently the cooking oil that causes digestive issues. I look at D as a somewhat uncomfortable and inconvenient way to lose weight for free. With the abundance of mega shopping centers these days - a reasonably clean restroom is just a few steps away - and the larger shopping centers have very nicely apportioned and rarely used handicapped facilities (rarely used implies cleaner).

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

From the government's Kunming website

COVID-19 Vaccination Services Available to Foreigners in Kunming since April 14


2. Where is the designated location for vaccination?
Tel for vaccination appointment:
Yan’an Hospital of Kunming City: 63211140
Kunming Calmette International Hospital: 15877990400

IV. What is the schedule of vaccination for foreigners?
For the first and booster doses:
April 14-15, 2022 (09:00 - 17:00);
For the second and booster doses:
May 9-10, 2022 (09:00 - 17:00).

And I just noticed @dan's post which is the same bad.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

For the record, the USA recently reported over 900k COVID related deaths, based on a net population of approximately 300 million.

The global cumulative death rate is currently over 6 million.

China's cumulative death count is still hovering around 4.6k, based a net population of approximately 1.3-1.4 billion.

When COVID first surfaced it was pandemic - but the world responded and managed to somewhat contain the pandemic using standard control practices - quarantines and testing until vaccines could be developed.

As with most viruses - COVID was expected to mutate which it has several times.

AIDS and other STDs were also pandemic but were eventually brought under control after years of studies.

Not sure where 22Yossarian is getting his data from - China's end results are inarguable - it's efforts are working - maybe not the magic bullet that we all see on fictitious Hollywood - but the scientific and patient methodical approach works. Disparaging China's vaccines is ingenuous at best, based on the combined successes of mass vaccinations, quarantines, and testing. As to why the USA's CDC couldn't respond appropriately is anyone's guess.

There is no quick fix to a rapidly mutating virus - the best we can do short term is develop vaccines to try to minimize the spread and severity of the virus until it burns itself out. It's sort of a hybrid herd mentality - like a controlled forest burn.

The USA attempted to politicize science - that rarely works well, while spending an inordinate amount of time and resources finger-pointing - which doesn't resolve the issue. China had emerged from several massive pandemic situations - SARS, swine flu's etc and aside from a few speed bumps from corrupt officials - quickly went into high gear and engaged the pandemic head on.

AIDs was rampant and pandemic in the USA and the rest of the world - but it was never called the American STD. It was eventually blamed on some monkeys in Africa...after countless years of searching for an answer that could satisfy a politicized narrative...last time I bothered to check the narrative.


No results found.


I was thinking that gokm could maybe get the Kunming Tourism Dept and the KM Metro et al to pay for a professionally illustrated bilingual PDF map and maybe start a series of web articles and videos on things to do and see (and eat) at each station - aside from the major tourism venues.

NHK (Japan) did this about 20 years ago - very popular and interesting series - inspires people to get out, socialize (when it's safe) and support local businesses...or not.

The referenced map was an ANCIENT planning map...hence the hint hint hint hint to the gokm staff - when they have budget and absolutely nothing better to do with their time...

Yereth's map is great as a geographic index - but most high density subway maps (Beijing, Tokyo) go for the symbolic stations shown in the ancient picture I referenced. These things are great as either screensavers, desktop wallpapers, or mobile phone pictures (screensavers, wallpapers) for those who commute within the bellies of these steel dragons.

I used to carry around subway maps on small plastic cards (doubled as my prepaid card) when exploring these cities. Each station had uniquely popular venues for both tourists and long-term locals alike (popular eateries, shopping boutiques, etc).




Just popped in for the annual to biennial visa health check. Cost was CNY 487 - don't forget to bring at least THREE (3) visa pictures and your mask.

As usual, there are TWO health codes to display - the usual kunming/yunnan green QR code and the green "Arrow" code.

I went late in the morning, but still managed to shuttle through all the departments and get out before lunch.

I used didi to get there and the map now correctly shows the rear parking entrance as the destination drop-off point. You can also take the subway to a nearby station, and walk walk walk walk walk - it's actually not too far but it will elevate your blood pressure and pulse (BPP) - so make sure to rest 5-10 minutes to allow your BPP to drop back to resting state.

Upon arrival at the main gate, you'll do the usual check-in procedure - mask, sign-in, green QR code, temperature check.

Once inside - Present your passport, green QR code, and green (hopefully) arrow code. Scan the QR codes on your left as you walk in if you don't have these prepared already. The staff will then pass you an application form. Walk over to the wall of stand-up desks to your right, fill out the forms, then stroll over to the clerks to present the form. They'll print out a sheet of bar coded labels for your tests, take your digital picture, attach everything together with a paper clip, then direct you to the cashier to pay CNY 487 (WeChat, alipay, bank card, etc) Don't know if they still accept cash.

Hike up the the 2nd or 3rd floor to start the battery of tests:

3rd floor

Chest X-ray

Physical (height, weight, BMI/body mass index)

2nd floor



Urine test

Blood Test

Eye test (color blindness and eye chart)


Heart (pulse, blood pressure)

I may have missed a few like the OB GYN...

It seems they also have a COVID/NAT (nucleic acid test) center in a shipping container lab outside the health center - but I didn't bother jogging over to check if it was still operational. In retrospect, should've checked, as the hospitals are jam packed with Chinese New Year travelers.

The test results are ready the afternoon of the second day. The facility seems sparsely busy even though they service both foreigners and nationals. There were rarely lines or noticeable waits beyond a few minutes, with at most 1-2 people ahead of you.

Staff are always nice, polite, professional and tirelessly patient for those of us with limited to no communications abilities.


Standard, clean, well-furnished and appointed mall with the usual fare:
Bread stores, Drink stores, a mid-end Radisson business hotel
The usual mall stores, movie theaters, and a host of after school training schools (robotics, language, dance, art etc).

Evenings are the usual mini-carnival activities for small children - carnival rides, the ubiquitous electric cars, an illuminated water fountain, a host of kiddie games etc etc etc.

Across the street - a scaled down Aegean Mall (also named Aegean Mall).


I occasionally visit the Kai Wah Plaza International Hotel to attend Kunming Rotary Club events. Although I've never stayed in the hotel or viewed its rooms (now on my bucket list) - the food has always been excellent both in presentation, aroma, taste, flavor, etc from appetizers to desserts - with a well-stocked and diverse wine selection - typical of international 5-star hotels. Kudos.


Met a friend after dinner for drinks and chat up on the rooftop patio/bar. Music was a little loud for us - but was surprised at this jewel of a bar. What a nice comfortable place.

I was told the hostel only charges cny40 a night for a shared room bunk bed - can't beat that.

Truly a gem for travelers on a budget and the rooftop bar has a beautiful and memorable sunset view (see the pictures).


Stopped by last night for dinner on the small patio and to pick up a couple of their apple pies. Always attentive and courteous staff and good solid food. Don't forget to check out their freezers for frozen foods like chicken and beef pot pies, pizzas, quiches, cakes etc.