Discover the captivating Yunnan Provincial Museum, a cultural gem nestled in Kunming, China. Relocated to a striking, modern building in 2015, its architecture reflects Yunnan's distinct landscape and heritage. The museum invites visitors to explore over 200,000 artifacts, spanning from prehistory to contemporary times, amidst a stunning, innovative space. Immerse yourself in the Dian Kingdom's relics, exquisite bronze wares, and enthralling fossil collection.

The Yunnan Provincial Museum is an unmissable destination for travelers seeking a deeper understanding of the region's diverse history, vivid ethnicity, and awe-inspiring natural beauty in a uniquely designed setting.

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  • NameYunnan Provincial Museum
  • Address6393 Guangfu Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 67286863
  • HoursTues-Sun: 9am-4:30pm
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Yunnan Provincial Museum • 6393 Guangfu Lu

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Took the kiddies here again.

1. It's FREE.
2. NO knives, lighters, sharp objects, etc. There's a place in front to check bags, luggage (if you're traveling), etc - but the exit is in the rear of the monolithic building, so it's a bit of a hike to walk back around to the checked storage area (it's also FREE).

We went straight to the third floor - History and artifacts of Yunnan (mostly). Rich history - lots of original sculptures etc removed from grottoes and displayed in the museum. Lots of English language titles and occasionally some explanatory text in English.

This is the evolution floor with lots of petrified artifacts - sea life mostly, lots of recreations of animals and environments from pre-man times.

There are coffee shops and dining areas on the first floor and drink vending machines on the second and third floors. The place is HUGE so a great place to take the kiddies and walk around until they're tired. They'll probably enjoy the dinosaur exhibit on the second floor the most. Wait a few minutes and the dinosaurs will roar and move their heads and maybe pretend to chew (open and close their maws).

PLENTY of parking and unfortunately NOT close to any subway station, so you'll have to grab a cab or rideshare but seems taxis and transportation are aplenty in the city and surrounding environs.'s FREE for now. Museum closes at 5pm so make sure you leave by 430-445 so you can hike back to the storage area if you checked anything in as they also close at 5pm.