Wild animals zoo.
Entrance fee: 65 yuan

Listing info
  • NameYunnan Wild Animal Park
  • AddressEnd of Chuanjin Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65018888
  • FAX(0871) 65010090
  • Hours9am-5:30pm (entrance until 4:30)
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Yunnan Wild Animal Park • End of Chuanjin Lu

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Price is now 100RMB for adults, 70RMB for children.
Some of the animal areas are as far as 10+km from the entrance - you can buy a hop on/off bus ticket for 60RMB per person, but there are also clearly marked walkways for those who are full of energy.

Everything inside is pretty expensive - consider bringing a picnic.

Many of the animals are in large outdoor enclosures. Some are caged. The park calls itself a safari, but this is not a "drive your car amongst the animals" thing. It's more like a decent western zoo.
There are places to handle/be photographed with animals, for a fee. Also, some kids amusements.
The animal show is free, but a waste of time (unless you love watching goats, sheep, pigs, horses etc!!).
Good labelling i English thorughout.


The wild animal park had a selection of their produce on display at green park, as part of the carnival parade. A llama, 4 tiger cubs and a gibbon on a leash. The gibbon had to walk round the circuit. Most difficult for a brachiator . What the park is like, well, a visit is essential