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Back in the UK for a month. Humans, wildlife and the economics of business is alive and well here . The debate continues about culling badgers to help manage TB in cows. That stopped being a scientific study years ago, now its just gut reaction politics. But, get this... A gov. minister was prepared to authorise a cull of Buzzards ( largish hawk ) because one of his buddies who owns a vast estate and who breeds pheasants ( tasty chicken sized bird from china) told him the buzzards were eating the pheasant chicks.....A massive public protest ridiculed him and the idea was abandoned.
So, Yunnan's elephants? Does the WWF have an interest here ?

Modern life demands complex chemistry and technology. Business demands profits. The further the profit is from the site of production and the drones who labour, the greater the indifference to environmental disasters. Add in the layers of chinese corruption and it is no wonder a chinese person does not want an industrial process any where near their city. Pollution, profit and poisonous futures are the short term outcomes that precede quality of life, sense of shared responsibility and effective regulation. But only when people can make their voices heard !!!

Cancer !!!! aaaargh... Brain damage ! Oh God. It's not if, but when..... But are we all suffering from chicken coop risk assessment ? You can list about 6000 chemicals in a cabbage, all part of the living process. You can show that a lot of them are really dangerous, mostly from having names that frighten your brain. But seriously, we all know it is the will to make policing and prosecution a priority that will reduce random risk due to personal greed and indifference. BTW is it true that those pigs near Shanghai all drowned because their swimming trainer failed to buy them armbands ?

As the horn is actually compacted hair, removal of the horns with a fanfare of publicity BEFORE the beasts mooch off into the 'wild' would reduce the risk of poaching.

Twinges of envy reading about Robby. It's great to read a bit about serious climate related change that isn't about snow.

BTW. Is there a handy field guide to the Rhododendrons in Yunnan? I like botanical hikes and identifying plants. Or are the sheer numbers of plants in Yunnan a bar to such a book? AND is anyone interested in looking for orchids and begonias and trees?



The wild animal park had a selection of their produce on display at green park, as part of the carnival parade. A llama, 4 tiger cubs and a gibbon on a leash. The gibbon had to walk round the circuit. Most difficult for a brachiator . What the park is like, well, a visit is essential


WOW. No platforms. Lots of open spaces and tracks that just end. This is the big station on a railway, half way between somewhere and nowhere, a relic of the past without a real role in Kunming 2012. In short, a toy train.Well its great if you want to go to the flower market in Chenggong at 7 ish, early. I boarded the one and only train of the day near Think Uk where the line crosses Dianmian avenue. Fare is 1.5 yuan both ways. The carriages are old, the ride is smooth, the horn is constant, which becomes a bore eventually, but the slow progression past the pretty linesides, the alternative view of traffic and a look at Kunming from a different angle is worthwhile. At the western stop, a derelict coal yard in shizui, there is no time to do anything before the ride back starts. And there is actually nothing to do. Its a pretty pointless journey really but it makes you think of potential....


This is a real botanic garden. Lots of the plants have labels and names you can follow on the web later. The trees are mature and diverse, the autumn colours of the leaves on the main avenue are beginning to glow and there is the promise of gorgeous Camellia and Rhododendron floral displays. The renowned Kunming research institute is in the garden. The views are good, there is a woodland to get lost in and as expected,there is a lot of colour. If you like quiet, take your own tent and snooze away the afternoon. Wedding photos are optional. Of course lots of places to exercise the kids or the elderly relatives or the pooch. Plenty of toilet facilities, but you have to take your own snacks and drink. There is a shop at the north entrance. Buses 9, 79 and 128 get you there. Oh yes, 10 yuan to get in.


i have eaten lots of curries in the Uk, the home of curry. I have travelled in India, the inspirational setting for UK curry. At Cacaja I get as close to a curry in China as I could hope. If you want fast food, go KFC or street BBQ. If you want your bum burned off by lajiao go Sichuan . If you want a different interesting meal, go here. Oh yes,,, the yoghurt..... now that's worth the visit....