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In Kunming 4 days, best places to visit?

paulb (22 posts) • 0

My dad has 4 days to spare on his China business trip to spend in Kunming. Need to find some things to do while still spending each night in the city. Obviously Shilin, I'm also thinking Bamboo Temple...what else is good?

Lucky lucy (11 posts) • 0

i personally like the haigeng park. You can see the dianchi lake there.
A beautiful place. 10 RMB for entering if i remembered right.

and the museum. so cool. It'll give you a brief idea about the minorities in yunnan.

Free of charge.

tigertiger - moderator (5080 posts) • 0

Tell him not to get his hopes up. Kunming is not so much a destination city, as a gateway to Yunnan. There are some really nice restaurants, if you know where to go. I think that all your dad can really do in the evenings is soak up some of the ambience.

katharinapetrova (3 posts) • 0

Hey i am Kunming local, So maybe i can give to you some good idea. I think you can go to see the "Dynamic yunnan" show. This show is famous in the Kunming. And also you can go to "stone forest", for nights you can go to " Mask Bar" at Kundu, week have a show live band or DJ. This is good bar in Kunming. About food. you can go to " Ma Na" at wen hua xiang, he have very good chinese food." Duck, Japenese tofu. Grandma potato,this is there's specal foods! :P

yankee00 (1632 posts) • 0

any chance of letting us know the prices of those destinations and food?

katharinapetrova (3 posts) • 0

About "Dynamic yunnan" show and "stone forest" i been there is long time ago, The price is change now. So i think you can check it at travel agency" wonders of yunnan"website. and about " Ma Na" resteruant. 30-40RMB/ per person.

yiyannanjin (1 post) • 0

if you like a stroll, the Botanic garden is a great place. lots of ace plants, flowers, colours, fresh air, open spaces. 10 yuan entry.

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