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Forums > Living in Kunming > Are you a person who is keen on face-saving?

@Quester, as for me, telling a lie, as you said, can lead to the relationship being damaged or totally broken off. in addition to this, people sometimes would choose other methods to keep their face in front of others. have you met such phenomenon before?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Why "has to be american" ???

um,,,actually, In most UNIVERSITIES in Yunnan, both American english and british english are being taught by teachers. some put their emphasis on the former, while some hold the latter. teachers of my college encourage students to learn british english. but there are still some prefer America english. it depends.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Are you a person who is keen on face-saving?

YY, a friend of mine, always keep a sleek look in front of us. But in fact, it is difficult for her to make ends meet every month with a regular salary, not to speak of clothes of famous brand. In order to save face, she would rather choose high consumption that is not consistent with her true state.

In a meeting or a conversation, most Chinese people are often too shy to tell what they really think. As for them, face-saving means not making others embarrassed. Some even tell a lie.

How do you think of this ? Is face-saving a common phenomenon in western countries? Are you a person who is worrying about losing face? And if you are in a dilemma, what will you do to deal with?


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