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Forums > Study > Teaching English in universities

Hey there

My friend is a native English speaker and she wants to find a job in Yunnan as a college English lecturer. She doesn't like teaching in private schools. So if you know any university that is looking for native English speaker. drop me a line. You can reach me at

P.S There are job ads all over but most of them are for teaching in private schools. My friend is looking for teaching in university!!
If you are teaching in a uni and don't mind sharing me your experience of how to get in there, i'd appreciate it!



Forums > Living in Kunming > All you can eat buffet ???

There is a cool place named American Cowboy barbecue or something,

if i remembered right, 50 rmb, all you can drink, all you can eat,

and 4 different flavours ice cream!! Yummy Yummy!

It's in Wenlin Jie, 2 minutes from Hong Dou Yuan.

5-10 mins from Yunnan Uni.

Forums > Study > Your favourite book?

@bosnianXCII, yes, river town is amazing!! and the story happened when i was in elementary school. what Peter wrote about the chinese life is mostly what i remembered. and fuling is just 2 hours from my hometown.

I love reading though i am too lazy to read everyday.
But trying too, haha,

1000 books? Very impressive!
you can do book exchanges with people, it'll be fun, i guess.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > In Kunming 4 days, best places to visit?

i personally like the haigeng park. You can see the dianchi lake there.
A beautiful place. 10 RMB for entering if i remembered right.

and the museum. so cool. It'll give you a brief idea about the minorities in yunnan.

Free of charge.


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The best pizza i ever had.

Haha, love Friday night!!




This is one of the coolest hostels that i've ever seen.

Too bad when we got there the rooms are all booked.