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Hey guys

I am a chinese student from Sichuan province
I will be volunteering and traveling in Yunnan,Kunming for about a month.(If i really like Yunnan, i may stay longer)
i will be in Kunming on the 23th.

I have never been to Yunnan before, here are a few things that i wanna know about,

1.Kunming is known as the spring city. It is not hot these days right? So i guess i can just pack my skirts and come? and it doesn't rain that much,right? I heard the sunlight is quite strong though.

2.What places in Kunming that you recommend me to visit?
Any kind of advice is appreciated!!(It can be a small restaurant, it can be a nice store, or a famous spot.... anything u can think of)
Not just in Kunming, if it worth it, i would like to travel hours to other cities in Yunnan too. I know the famous ones,like Lijiang.. But i heard that are many not-so-famous yet beautiful villages in Yunnan.

3.I'd like to meet new people too, locals and foreigners, boys and girls, young and old... haha! I like yunnan quite a lot though i have never been there before..



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The best pizza i ever had.

Haha, love Friday night!!




This is one of the coolest hostels that i've ever seen.

Too bad when we got there the rooms are all booked.