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All you can eat buffet ???

Spartans (181 posts) • 0

Does anyone know a good place to have dinner where they have a free all-you-can-eat buffet?
How much does it cost, and are drinks included?

I'm on the Warrior diet which is basically 18 hours fasting (to trigger hormones and fat burning) and 6 hours eating anything you can stuff yourself with (I'm a bodybuilder).

So I'm looking for a good buffet in where I can stomach my daily 6.000 kcal's.


thebeargirl (64 posts) • 0

go to the bullfighter in downtown,,u can eat whatever you want,before you go,plz dont eat anything,make sure u have a big big room!!!!

Natsymir (101 posts) • 0

There is a pizza place in a street corner just south of Jinmabiji square that has an enormous buffe for ~60 kuai. It's mostly pizza and pasta in a wierd mix with sushi and chinese food. Drinks, including juice, soda and beer, is included. The food here is not stellar in any way, but as everything is included and the amount of dishes is big, it's a good place for a relentless food orgy.

There is another similar place just to the northeast of Jinmabiji, on the second floor among some low yellow buildings. This place is more gourmet profile; for ~60 kuai (if you book table online it's cheaper) you get a nice piece of barbequed meat, and then the rest of the buffe is free, again a weird mix of western food (pasta, salads and bread), chinese, sushi and cookies.

tigertiger - moderator (5080 posts) • 0

Sounds like a recipe for diabetes. Your blood sugar will spike and you will also trip insulin that turns blood sugar to fat.

If you load up on meat, dairy, and eggs you are still prone to high cholesterol, the enemy of red meat eaters. Even lean beef can comprise 40% total calories from fat (not by weight).

Just a polite suggestion.
A system of alternative day fasting (ADF) may be better if you are cutting. Day one, feast day no restrictions. Day two, only one meal of 1/3 of normal calorie intake. There is some overcompensation on feast days, but research has shown that this settles down to about 110% of required intake, and fast day has 66% deficit. ADF also tweaks the hormones that cause insulin production (reduces them).
ADF also fits in with day on/day off training routines.

Another way to tweak the metabolism is to eat 6 smaller meals a day and you need some carbs at night to fuel the growth. But I am assuming you have already tried this.

Lucky lucy (11 posts) • 0

There is a cool place named American Cowboy barbecue or something,

if i remembered right, 50 rmb, all you can drink, all you can eat,

and 4 different flavours ice cream!! Yummy Yummy!

It's in Wenlin Jie, 2 minutes from Hong Dou Yuan.

5-10 mins from Yunnan Uni.

TICexpats (207 posts) • 0

"Does anyone know a good place to have dinner where they have a free all-you-can-eat buffet?"

Post back on the "free part", I'm interested in free food always.

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