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Forums > Study > Your favourite book?

List one or a few books that you enjoyed.
<城南旧事> by 林海音

<adventure capitalist > By Jim Rogers
a three-year drive around the world that would ultimately set the Guinness record for the longest continuous car journey

<A gift to my children> By Jim Rogers

<River town> By Peter Hessler.
When Peter Hessler went to China in the late 1990s, he expected to spend a couple of peaceful years teaching English in the town of Fuling on the Yangtze River. But what he experienced - the natural beauty, cultural tension, and complex process of understanding that takes place when one is thrust into a radically different society - surpassed anything he could have imagined.

I haven't finished it yet but love it.

Forums > Living in Kunming > One month stay in Kunming

Alex you are right, you have to sign the contract and commit at least 2 years to get the fellowship.
I don't think they are missionaries or backpackers, not that i know of...LOL

Forums > Living in Kunming > Your Favourite Music And Movie

too many favourites, ....

Music:Britney Spears, the Beatles, Radiohead,Nicki Minaj,Katy Perry, the Pussycat dolls,the bangles,Taylor Swift,Miley Cyrus...

Movie:The pursuit of happiness

Forums > Living in Kunming > One month stay in Kunming

Hello Lucy,

It's cool we have the same name:) though its just my english name.

I volunteer for TFC (Teach For China)

They recruited some American volunteers to teach in some suburban areas in China. and my task is to help those Americans with their Mandarin. Cuz they will be working in some countryside where nobody speaks English. So they need to learn some survival chinese.

I will be organzing some small activities for them, grade some of their homework, and translate some papers, some office hours...


Forums > Food & Drink > What do Chinese people think about coffee?

I am Chinese.

5 years ago when I first drunk coffee, (that was in high school),
i found it bitter and very distasteful.

But now I drink coffee everyday, still I cannot drink coffee without putting milk or suger in it. I like cappuccino a lot.

Young people tend to love coffee more in China,
my parents never drunk coffee, they are used to tea and hot water. But when I walk into Starbucks, I can see quite a lot young Chinese.


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The best pizza i ever had.

Haha, love Friday night!!




This is one of the coolest hostels that i've ever seen.

Too bad when we got there the rooms are all booked.