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Cant find vaccine certificate of 2nd dose

twinbee (1 post) • 0

I received my 1st vaccination shot in Shanghai (I have the certificate) and the 2nd shot in Kunming (near chenggong) but I wasn't given any receipts or certificates of my 2nd shot.
Where can I find information about my 2nd shot received in Kunming? Is there an online database , App (doesn't show on alipay) or should I call the CDC?

livinginchina (232 posts) • 0

There has to be a paper trail. What I would do is go back to the place(give them a call) and inquire why you didn't get a certificate. Each time I went I had to pay 100 RMB. I was given a receipt for that. In addition I was given a certificate showing what vaccine I received (Sino-vac) with the day/time/Name/Address/Passport Number etc.
I went to the Calmette hospital on Beijing Lu near Lin Yu Qiao. Got all three shots at the same place.

Sun Flower (3 posts) • 0

It's important to ensure you have documentation for both vaccine doses. While there might not be an immediate online database or app available, contacting the CDC in Kunming directly would be a wise step. They can provide guidance on how to obtain the necessary documentation or verify your vaccination status. Additionally, consider reaching out to the healthcare provider or vaccination center where you received your second shot for further assistance. CEO calculadoraalicia.mx

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