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moondog.that was the best part of my life. i miss al my friends.spent almost 4 years of my life there.Fried forever!!!!

Forums > Living in Kunming > where to live in Kunming ?

My house will be for rent soon.its next to Wanda plaza the biggest shopping mall in kunming.15 min walk to the metro station and many convinient busses. We totally redecorate the house and it's about 110 m2 with 3 bedrooms.interestet?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dancing Grannies

My mother-in-law dances every night in our courtyard. It's the first time in her live that she had a hobby. While they are dancing there is a bunch of little children(including my son) that run around and play. There are two groups dancing at the same time. One is professional and they have to pay money to the dancing teacher and one is an amateur group(my mother in law). A few months ago both groups went together on a holiday to Korea. The first trip in my mothers live. I enjoy the whole scene a lot, but I understand that the noise level is sometimes out of control


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Thanks everybody for the nice comments and thanks to Hugh and Gokunming. It's going to be an emotional weekend and thanks to everybody that spend some time in moondog in the last 5 years